Big E says no decision has been made official on potential return

As a guest on the Sarah O’Connell Show, Big E was asked about possibly returning to the ring soon.

The former WWE Champion responded by detailing the injury he sustained in March 2022, as well as the conversation he had with two different doctors on the matter:

“I talked to a few doctors, one who did the surgery for Tyson Kidd, who had a very severe neck injury. I also talked to the doctor they sent me to at USF. Both doctors were like, ‘Hey, please don’t wrestle.’ Almost begging.”

With the injuries he has sustained over the years between football and wrestling, Big E maintains that he is looking at what life is going to look like ten years from now, but chalks everything up to “making the right decision,” adding:

“No door has been permanently closed or permanently opened or any of those things. No decision has really officially been made yet. But we’ll see. I’m really thankful for health, for life, for being in such a good place, and I just want to make the best decision for myself, so we’ll see.”

Source: Fightful