Bret Hart denounces Vince McMahon after ‘sick and disgusting’ allegations

An article from Slate details a response from Bret Hart to the lawsuit and allegations against Vince McMahon.

The WWE Hall of Famer, who has had his own history of issues with the former WWE Chairman, spoke to Slate to denounce McMahon in light of the severity of his alleged behavior and actions.

“When you get that vision in your head, you go, ‘That’s messed up.’ It’s too sick and disgusting to really imagine.”

In the midst of a federal probe into McMahon’s sexual misconduct, Hart admits to making amends for his past belief in the former executive, going so far as to apologize to Rita Chatterton, a victim of McMahon’s behavior going as far back as the 1990s, whose accusations had been discredited by Hart in the past.

The allegations that came to light have led to the Hitman stating he has lost all respect for a man who helped him get to a high level in the industry:

“I think, despite all of the issues I ever had with Vince, I know, deep down, I always respected him; but now, knowing what kind of a weirdo he became, I have absolutely zero respect for him.”