The Rock launches ‘Big Dwayne Energy’ campaign for ZOA

The Rock has unveiled a new marketing campaign for his energy drink company ZOA via social media:

In a press release, The Rock gave a statement on the concept for the campaign:

“When someone with a great, radiating energy enters the room, people feel it. ZOA Energy helps you be that best version of yourself and positively influence those around you – confidently owning your authentic self, having fun and doing your best to live life to the fullest. Before you know it, everyone is hooked on ZOA.”

The campaign was developed by Haygarth USA and is set to include brand placements on The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, The Voice, Deal or No Deal Island, and during the NFL Draft.

ZOA products can be found online at their website, and in stores at 7-Eleven, Costco, Quick Trip, HEB, Meijer, and Circle K in the United States.

Source: F4WOnline