Hulk Hogan reflects on life and career; looks ahead to renewed faith

In an interview with Erick Stakelbeck, Hulk Hogan reflected on his life and career in pro wrestling.

The full interview, recorded for the TBN program Praise, covers a number of topics from Hogan’s run as a top star of the business, to the mentorship of Andre the Giant and his run in Hollywood.

On the topic of balancing his wrestling career and becoming an actor following No Holds Barred, Hogan stated:

“The problem I had with it was, I loved wrestling so much and I was in the prime of my career. It wasn’t like I was on the downside…I was the world’s heavyweight champion, Hulkamania was running wild.

The process was hard, so I always wanted to go back to wrestling, and I did–but I kept bouncing back and forth making small low-budget films for kids…and bouncing right back to the wrestling business.”

The interview centers around Hogan’s renewed Christian faith following his baptism in December 2023 alongside current wife Sky, a moment the WWE Hall of Famer called “the greatest day of my life” in a post on Instagram.