FCW Results – 2/27/12

Florida Championship Wrestling Results
February 27, 2011
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to the latest trek to the land of the Sunshine State with this week’s FCW recap. If you all are ready, then let’s get on with the show!

Your announcers are Chris Russo, William Regal & Byron Saxton.

Corey Graves def. CJ Parker by submission with a kneebar.

Dean Ambrose was in Dr. Bronson’s office and Bronson was asking him about William Regal. Ambrose says that Regal can’t beat him again.

Seth Rollins def. Rick Victor by pinfall with a curb stomp. During the match, a woman(Paige aka Britani Knight) was watching the match, possibly scouting Rollins.

We return to Dr. Bronson’s office, but Bronson is the one on the couch now with Ambrose asking the questions. Ambrose tells Bronson that he wants to see what he can do in the ring. Bronson challenges Ambrose, but Ambrose says that won’t happen.

Dean Ambrose def. Sakamoto by submission with the Regal Stretch after a knee trembler.

After the match, Ambrose stares down Regal at the announce table. Summer Rae & Rob Naylor come out to try to talk to Ambrose but Ambrose leaves. Rae then looks at Regal intently.

Big E Langston def. Jason Jordan by pinfall with the Big Ending.

FCW Divas Champion & Queen of FCW Raquel Diaz comes out and she wants to know where her banner is on the wall in the building. She mentions that she will defend her title next week against two challengers.

Before our main event, Damien Sandow comes out and demands his SPOTLIGHT. He talks about how he was brutally attacked last week by Richie Steamboat and that justice will happen tonight when he wins back his title and he ruins the Steamboat legacy.

Main Event for the FCW 15 Title: Richie Steamboat (c) vs. Damien Sandow went to a draw, with neither man gaining a fall in the 15 minute time limit. By virtue of the draw, Steamboat retains the FCW 15 Title. Steamboat had hit the superkick with a few seconds left, but could not make the cover before time ran out.

My Thoughts

Decent show this week, but slightly not as good as last week’s show was.

Liked most of the promos on the show. Diaz & Sandow continue to impress on their promo work, especially Sandow, who has really come into his own as a performer in recent months.

The backstage stuff with Ambrose & Bronson was a lot of fun, and I really liked Ambrose bringing up that Bronson was this MMA style fighter before he became FCW’s psychologist. Hopefully, Bronson can move away from this role and go back to what he was doing before, because he was very good at it.

The matches were either OK to pretty good. Opener was decent with Graves & Parker, but Parker needs some work. Graves has improved from when he first came in to FCW with his character and his offense, so that is a good sign. Rollins & Victor had a pretty solid match. Victor continues to impress with his control segments and his kind of strange character to him. Rollins still shows great potential as a babyface, and I also like this odd affiliation of sorts with Paige aka Britani Knight, it could make for an interesting dynamic.

Ambrose & Sakamoto was just a match to re-ignite the flame of the Ambrose/Regal feud as well as continue the Summer Rae upheaval of FCW. Match was secondary to the storylines, but for what Ambrose & Sakamoto did in the actual match, it was decent.

Langston & Jordan was a pure showcase for Langston, nothing more to it than that.

The main event was a real shocker to me in that for once in his life, Richie Steamboat did not suck. In fact, he was pretty good in this match with Sandow. Good babyface fire, much better as a FIP, much more crisper looking offense, just all around a much better performance from him to which had me baffled because I did not think he had it in him.

With that, I am now eating A LOT of crow, but I don’t mind it because that is what I like to see. People who I as a recapper may not think the best of or nothing at all prove me wrong and do good because at the end of the day, that is what I want, for mostly everyone to be successful. Richie Steamboat, who I wrote off, had a good performance this week and impressed the hell outta me. Let’s hope it continues.

Overall, decent show. Furthered storylines and had some OK action, but with 2 good matches lumped in between.

My Grade: C+

Well, that will do it for me this week, I want to thank you all for reading and I will be back next week, but remember…

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