Shawne Merriman of the NFL’s Buffalo Bills went after WWE star CM Punk on Twitter over the weekend having some not so nice things to say about the current WWE Champion.

“Oh yea *fu#k’ cm punk @wwe he’s still a punk forever in my book I’m sure my supporters feel the same way.”

“And @wwe I ain’t hosting y’all new network until somebody whoop cm punk cuz he’s a p$ssy.”

“Serious who the f@ck is cm punk other than a soft butt wrestling gone soft f off.”

“If god is my witness cm punk was wearing a thong laying by the pool tanning his cheeks in costa rica now tell me I’m lying.”

“All my supporters start a tend #cmpunkthong.”

“Cm punk want no part of Lights trust me.”

“RT @JMcMillen86: @shawnemerriman I must know.what brought this CM Punk outburst on He’s a ass,but what did he do to piss you off? Everything.”

“And @WWE I ain’t hosting sh#t until cm is dethroned.”

“I ain’t a hater at all but if U like dudes tanning by the pool N a thong that’s cool..I think he had Pillows under his stomach #cmpunkthong.”

Punk has yet to respond publicly to the remarks.