Florida Championship Wrestling Results
March 5, 2011
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to the latest trek to the land of the Sunshine State with this week’s FCW recap. If you all are ready, then let’s get on with the show!

Your announcers are Chris Russo, William Regal & Byron Saxton.

FCW Tag Team Titles: Bo Rotundo & Husky Harris (c) def. Mr. Antonio Cesaro & Alexander Rusev by pinfall to retain the titles when Harris pinned Rusev after Rotundo hit him with a spear.

Dean Ambrose is in the interview area and he says that the people in FCW are afraid to let him do anything other than talk, but he is as good as they say and everyone else pretends to be as good as him. He says that he will not be ignored anymore and the there is someone in the arena who knows that they will never be able to beat him again. Ambrose stares at Regal and addresses him.

Before the next match, Seth Rollins comes to the ring and he says that he never wanted to be like everyone else and he wanted to break the mold. He thanks everyone for accepting him and for who he is today.

Seth Rollins defeated Brad Maddox w/Summer Rae & Rob Naylor with a running curb stomp. During the match, Summer Rae tried to interfere but Paige, who watched Rollins in his last match, came out to attack Rae and stop her.

Kenneth Cameron def. Jiro by pinfall with a fisherman’s buster.

After the match, Kenneth Cameron celebrated in the ring, but Byron Saxton left the announce table and went to the ring. Saxton was not wearing his sling and he punched Cameron in the head with a roll of quarters. Saxton returned to the announce table and put his sling back on while Regal was in shock at what happened.

Triple Threat Match for the FCW Divas Title: Raquel Diaz (c) def. Sofia Cortez & Audrey Marie by pinfall to retain the title when she pinned Cortez after kicking out of a rollup from Marie.

Main Event for the FCW Title: Mike Dalton def. Leo Kruger (c) by pinfall to win the title with a rollup after The Road Dogg forced Kruger back into the ring when Kruger tried to go to the back to get counted out.

My Thoughts

Decent show this week, but not without some setbacks.

The opening tag match was solid, but Rusev did not do anything for me and came across like a big lug. Everyone else put on a good effort but him, and it kind of hindered the match to me.

Ambrose’s promo was very good as it continues the build to the eventual Ambrose/Regal rematch. Very well done.

Rollins was OK on his pre-match promo, but I do think he may need a mouthpiece because he is close to having that Bourne, Roderick Strong type of nasally voice which will really hurt him.

Rollins & Maddox was the best match on the show. Liked the involvement of Summer Rae and also Paige towards the end. Rae is already pretty comfortable in her role as a heel manager, and Naylor is pretty funny as her pipsqueak lackey. Maddox & Rollins worked well together, and put on a very nice effort.

Cameron & Jiro was just a showcase for Cameron, as well as start up the new angle with Saxton, which was very odd. Cameron looked good in his performance, but this Saxton thing is kind of baffling to me.

The Divas match was the reason why they haven’t had a match on TV the last couple of weeks. It was just not good. All 3 are very green, and should not be wrestling on TV until they become at least mildly competent in the ring. Just not a good match.

The main event was a good way to give Kruger an out for losing the title because of the Road Dogg’s involvement. Dalton is starting to get over as an underdog, and the match was solid. Not a big fan of the title change, but the story they tried to get over was effective though.

Overall, decent show this week but had some setbacks that hindered the overall show a bit.

My Grade: C

Well, that will do it for me this week, I want to thank you all for reading and I will be back next week, but remember…

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