Mat Thompson sent this in.

I thought I would pass this on to you guys since the WWE has been saying that Big Show has the second worst record in Wrestlemania history. I love the concept of Cody Rhodes making him look like a fool at Mania, with it a little like the opposite of the Undertaker’s streak. But, in actuality Big Show does not have the second worst record (and WWE never said, from what I remember) who is the worst. Big Show’s record is 3-8 which is a 27% win record. 27% isn’t too bad compared to others.

I looked up the Wrestlemania records, and although there are many wrestlers who have never won at Mania, many only had one or two matches. If you look at anyone with five or more appearances at Mania, Big Show doesn’t look that bad. Here’s the rundown of some of the worst records of anyone with five or more Mania matches: 0-5 – Fit Finaly, Goldust and Vince McMahon have all been part of five Mania matches and never won. That’s much worse than Big Show’s record.

1-5 (16%) – Ron Simmons. For a future Hall of Famer this year, he’s only won one match at Mania. DAMN!!!

1-6 (14%) – Jacques Rougeau & Shelton Benjamin. Both were part of pretty successful tag teams as well as not bad singles runs, but only one win a piece at Mania out of seven appearances isn’t that great a record to stand on.

1-7 (12%) – Tito Santana. Poor Chico. He was just too nice a guy to get more than one win at Mania. The Flying Burrito Forearm just never did it on the big stage.

2-6 (25%) – Matt Hardy. The Mattatude Meter is only showing a 25% charge. Poor Marty… I mean Matt. 2-7 (20%) – John Bradshaw Layfield. One of the best heel champions of the more current era (in my opinion), but his Mania record isn’t very strong. Ten matches and only two wins. Hope his investments are stronger.

3-8 (27%) – Big Show. Well, compared to the rest of the people listed here before him, Big Show has the tenth worst record in Wrestlemania history. A lot of his losses have been more high profile than some of the others on the list, but he really hasn’t done that badly.

And… one I found interesting is the record of one Shawn Michaels… Mr. Wrestlemania. His record is actually only 6 wins and 11 losses. It’s a 35% win record, which isn’t that bad, but he does have a high amount of Mania losses under his belt. You would figure being titled Mr. Wrestlemania would come from a stronger record, but it’s more the performance than the record for him.

If he (Big Show) wins this year his win percentage goes up to 33% and if he loses he drops to a 25%. So there is it, Big Show isn’t really that bad at Mania, he’s just lost a lot of high profile matches. And he can rest easy knowing he’s still better than Tito Santana and Jacques Rougeau.