3/15/24 WWE SmackDown On-Site Report

Wrestleview reader Andrew Elder attended Friday night’s WWE SmackDown at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, TN.

Andrew sent in the following on-site report from the show.

The crowd was hot all night and the matches delivered. 

I think WWE announced attendance was 14,000 plus. Honestly, it was packed and was amazing to see the upper deck being open up on both sides.  

The Rock was awesome. The Hollywood Rock music is back.   I loved that he said home.  Besides his USWA stint, The Rock grew up in Memphis briefly during his dad’s stays in the CWA/Jarrett promotions.

Not sure what got beeped or sound cut off, but if you didn’t hear it, I can attest we got the uncensored parts of The Rock’s songs.  He did get booed a little on Cody stuff. But The Rock is so over in Memphis. I laughed at The Ja Morant line.

The usual chants before the show started, as some things will never die.  There was Whoop That Trick chants during the Bayley and Dakota match towards Dakota.

Pre-show match: Cedric Alexander beat Odyssey Jones (shocked he’s still on the roster, too early of a call up) by holding tights.

 Post Show Double Main Event:

Rhea Ripley (sans make up) defeated Natyla and Shayna Bazler by submission on Natyla.  Natyla left through crowd while shaking hands.  Rhea is so over. She played with the crowd on her entrance. There was loud Mami chants.

Cody Rhodes defeated Drew McIntyre in a Memphis Street fight. Massive Cody pop. Drew is such a good swarmy heel right now. 

Not much but a small Bloodline segment, but this was The Rock’s night.

Jerry The King Lawler was announced before the show. He came out. Sadly I noticed when he headed to the back, he was limping. 

Overall this was good show. It was great to see the FedEx Forum filled up.