Jim Ross on Ric Flair appearing at the Hall of Fame

Jim Ross via his latest blog entry over at his official website regarding any issues from TNA on Ric Flair appearing at the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony this year in Miami.

“How can TNA allow Ric Flair to attend the WWE HOF Induction Ceremony to be with the Four Horsemen? Logically, how could they not? How does it hurt TNA? Why would any logical business want to deprive one of their people a well deserved moment of recognition from their fan base? Plus, comparing WWE and TNA as if it was the second coming of the Monday Night Wars is laughable. To me, this matter is much to do about nothing. Ric Flair comes to Miami and is with the Horsemen to be recognized for distinguished service to the business and then he returns to TNA to resume whatever it is that he’s doing.”

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