Steve Austin on “Recoil”, future of Tough Enough

Jeff Jackson sent this in.

WNL returned to the airwaves on the SNS Radio Network ( on Monday March 12, 2012 with “The Outlaw of the IWC” The TreyDawg and “Mr. Money on the Mic” JJ (ALL CAPS) $exay. The boys opened the show with “The Bronx-Father” Tony Mirabella and the RAW Recap. Topics covered included the Epic Jericho promo that made Punk look vulnerable, Cena’s 1 night return as the Dr of Thuganomics, whats next for the Miz?, and The Rock concert. JJ teased Exclusive audio from the rumored Hogan Sextape in the first commercial break(Note: this was not actual audio from the Hogan sextape…but it was a guess at would it sounded like…in a word Hilarious). After the break it was time to talk with 6 time WWE Champion ,Star of Television and Movies, Pop Culture Icon and WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. (The interview starts at the 47 minute mark) Steve Austin begins the interview talking about his latest movie “Recoil” starring Danny Trejo,(at the 52 minute mark) Steve talks Tough Enough …will it happem again? , (54 min) Steve talks about his website and Man vs Phone the New Kyocera commercial,(at the 55 min mark) Trey talks about “Knockout” Austin calls it The Karate Kid meets Rocky and peoples perception of Steve Austin, (56 min) in JJ asks about Brian Pillman memories, Austin talks about Brian, at the (60 min mark) JJ brings up the 2001 Austin Heel run and the funny Austin segments, at the (63 min mark) Austin talks about the way he is perceived in hollywood and on the street and the diversity he has an actor, (64 min) The Infamous WHAT chant, (65 min) The Austin 3:16 shirt and merchandising in the WWE, (69 min) Austin talks about the explosion of Austin 3:16 and seeing a sea of those shirts in the crowd, (70 min) JJ asks about a possible movie collaberation with The Rock in the future, (75 min) Steve talks about getting sick filming The Package while in Canada to wrap this 30 min interview with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. After the break The boys discussed the latest “News of the Week” including Lina Hogans thoughts on the Hulsters Sex tape , Kia Steven’s (Kharma) heartbreaking loss, John Cena’s brother battling Cancer and more all sponsored by JJ opened the phone lines and read emails from the WNL/SNS Family including a longtime listener , first time caller and JJ wrapped this 3:12 edition with Stone Cold singing “Iam the Champion”.…wnlGetsCold…stoneCold.mp3

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