Vince McMahon accuser ‘coerced’ into writing 2021 love letter, per lawyer

The New York Post published an article containing a lengthy email written by Janel Grant to Vince McMahon, against whom Grant filed a lawsuit following allegations of sexual assault and trafficking.

Grant’s lawyer, Ann Callis, has responded to the letter being brought to light by stating McMahon instructed Grant to write the letter, which was obtained from the client’s laptop as part of WWE’s investigation into the allegations against the former WWE chairman.

Frankly, it’s pretty disgusting that Vince’s weeks-late attempt to defend his horrendous behavior — behavior he claims to this day never happened — is to try to showcase letters that Vince himself coerced her to write.

His psychological torture of her continues — as is typical of abusive predators who respond to women speaking out with increased threats. While Janel isn’t a stranger to his intimidation tactics, this is a new low even for him.

Callis also noted that much of the letter was plagiarized, pointing to a phrase taken verbatim from the 1947 film The Bishop’s Wife:

I feel understood, accepted, loved and appreciated for who I am at my core. You see my heart. You see my soul. There are few people who know the secret of making a heaven here on earth. You are one of those rare people.

McMahon’s lawyer Jessica Taub Rosenberg of Kasowitz Benson Torres contends the email was written of Grant’s own will, pointing to a detail stating it was “draft 24” of the correspondence.

Source: F4WOnline