SPOILERS: WWE Smackdown for March 23

Wrestleview.com’s own Mike Tedesco attended the tapings live.

The following was taped on Tuesday, March 20 in Newark, New Jersey:

WWE Smackdown for March 23:

* Daniel Bryan comes out with AJ. Bryan “lets” AJ talk about how great he is, but really he’s just feeding her lines. AJ says they spoon, he has great lips, and he’s a great lover. She also says he’ll beat that Irish brute at Wrestlemania. Sheamus comes out and gets the crowd to chant “Danny Boy” at Bryan. Sheamus says if Bryan hates being called “Danny” then he’ll hate being called the FORMER World Heavyweight Champion.

* Mark Henry def. R-Truth.

* Yokozuna is announced as going into the Hall of Fame.

* AJ def. Brie Bella. Daniel Bryan celebrates like he won. Afterward, Nikki Bella says that while her sister is rooting for Team Johnny, she’s rooting for Team Teddy. She gets the crowd to chant for Teddy.

* Zack Ryder def. Jack Swagger. Before the match, Long accepted Ryder and The Great Khali to be on his team. He also made Hornswoggle the mascot. As Ryder came to the ring, Lilian Garcia called him “Long Island Iced Z Jack Swagger.”

* Big Show def. Kane via DQ when Cody Rhodes ran in through the crowd. Big Show chased after him. Randy Orton then came through the crowd and gave Kane an RKO.

* Brodus Clay def. Heath Slater.

* The Great Khali def. Dolph Ziggler via Count-Out. Originally, Ziggler had the Sleeper Hold on Khali and Laurinaitis called for the bell. Laurinaitis said Khali had submitted, but he didn’t. Teddy Long then reversed it, said the match would continue, and Ziggler never came back to the ring. Santino Marella and Kofi Kingston then threw Ziggler back into the ring after the count-out to take a Brain Chop.

* Sheamus and CM Punk def. The Miz and Daniel Bryan. Sheamus pinned The Miz.

Dark Match Main Event:

* John Cena came out with Zack Ryder and Tony Chimel. Cena poked fun at Lilian for messing up Ryder’s name on the show, and he had Chimel do the announcement. The sound guys kept cutting Chimel off, so Cena kicked him out. Cena said Ryder’s name, and Lilian said Ryder is hot.

* John Cena def. Kane in a Cage Match. Cena, Ryder, Chimel, and Lilian all posed for the crowd to end the show.

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