Shannon Moore Discusses His Possible Returns To WWE Or TNA In 2010 (And Which Promotion He Could See Himself Most Likely Being A Part Of In The New Year), Working With Hulk Hogan In Australia For The “Hulkamania” Tour, The Possible Return Of “The Monday Night Wars,” Jeff & Matt Hardy’s Respective WWE Futures (And Why Jeff He Still Has “A Lot To Offer”), & Season VII Of “The Hardy Show”


Former WWE & TNA superstar, “The Prince Of Punk” Shannon Moore, was one of the special guests on this week’s live edition (12/07/09) of Monday Night Mayhem (presented by, hosted by The Big Mosh, Blade, & “The Chairman Of The Board” Todd Vincent. You can feel The Mayhem live & in streaming audio every Monday night (at 8PM ET/7PM CT), exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (,,,, &

Shannon’s return Mayhem appearance (as part of the “Merry Mayhem” holiday season & MNM’s “Fall Tour ’09”) is now available for free in Windows Streaming Media, or via The Mayhem’s official Podcast on ITunes:

Shannon Moore/Monday Night Mayhem Interview (MNM Streaming Audio):

Shannon Moore/Monday Night Mayhem Interview (MNM Podcast On ITunes):

Here are some of the highlights of Shannon’s exclusive interview, provided by The Mayhem’s official correspondent, Paterson From New Jersey:


Fresh off the heels of performing in front of his fans in Australia, “The Prince Of Punk” Shannon Moore joined The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network for his first appearance in nearly four years…and just in time to promote Season VII of “The Hardy Show” (now available for pre-order at Shannon tore down the house “down under” with several spectacular matches against Matt Cross. “The Chairman Of The Board” mentioned that Shannon was not used properly during his time in World Wrestling Entertainment, that he truly has a unique look, & could have been a centerpiece of the Cruiserweight division. Many fans across the globe echo Todd’s sentiments, but the big question is will we see Shannon back in the WWE…or make a return to TNA. Dixie Carter has been very adamant about Shannon possibly coming back to the six-sided ring. (quoting on her official Twitter page: “I doubt Shannon’s TNA days are over.”) Where will we see Shannon in 2010? “Right now it’s kinda’ up in the air. I took six months off from the ring just to let my body heal up. I wanted to sit back, and see where everything is going & look at the different companies. I just got off the Aussie tour, felt good in the ring, and I’m ready to get back in the ring. I don’t know when, I don’t know where, but I’m ready.”

As mentioned before, Shannon did the Australia tour with TNA’s newest acquisition Hulk Hogan as part of his “Hulkamania” tour. With Hulk Hogan now in TNA, Mosh asked Shannon about having the opportunity to work with Hogan in Australia & with “The Hulkster” being a large presence in TNA in the new year, could that sway his decision to head back to TNA. “Well right now, I did this tour with Hogan, and they saw my performances down there. Obviously when I went to Australia, I was myself, & was able to bring back me as a character. I definitely th ink I’m in the back of some peoples minds as far as I could be a fixture to someone’s show. As far as me showing up in TNA, would I show up? Hell yeah I’ll go! I’ll go back in a heartbeat. But like I said, I’m kinda’ just sitting back waiting & watching what the first of the year is gonna’ bring.” Since Shannon was with WCW during the original “Monday Night Wars,” he has thoughts about a possible regeneration of the war between WWE & TNA. “I think it would be great. I think it’s good for the business in general. It gives both companies reason to fight. On top of that, it brings it back to the negotiations and not knowing who’s going where & who’s showing up where. It make the wrestling business more exciting.”

Shannon is very close friends with Matt & Jeff Hardy, along with Gregory “Hurricane” Helms, so Blade asked Shannon about where he sees Jeff heading, if anywhere in the near future. “Jeff Hardy has a lot more to offer. There’s so much that people haven’t seen of Jeff, and I think if a company would just let him open up more than what he already has, it’ll blow the roof off the place. Jeff is a special person & entertainer, and I would like to see come go to a company where he could take the ball & just go. I think it’ll be magic.”

“Mattitude Followers” across the globe have been disappointed over the use of Matt Hardy for the majority of this past year, as his role on WWE television to many has been somewhat questionable. Even with Matt still getting the best crowd of most of the superstars, Shannon was asked about Matt’s use in 2010 in World Wrestling Entertainment. “I can’t really read the minds of the powers that be as far as where Matt’s at now, but I do know one thing: He does have a cult-following that’s gonna’ back him up, and you would be stupid not to capitalize on him as a talent. Matt could hold his own in the ring, and he’s a great entertainer.”

More is contained in this exclusive interview with Shannon Moore, including his thoughts on the recent passing of Eddie “Umaga” Fatu (including his experience of living with the man known the world over as “The Samoan Bulldozer” during their time together in HWA), in addition to what “The Prince Of Punk” likes outside of the wrestling ring, & the latest on Gas Chamber Ink (Shannon’s tatoo parlor). Interact with Shannon via his official MySpace page (located at, and become one of the more than 17,000+ followers of Shannon on Twitter (

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