The Chicago Tribune is featuring an interview with WWE Champion CM Punk talking about Triple H’s perception of him based on TV comments and Vince McMahon’s reaction to his “pipebomb” promo backstage.

On Triple H calling him a “skinny fat kid”:
I think that’s (Triple H’s) perception of me. It shows the perception people have is completely archaic and outdated. I assume it’s a bodybuilding thing. I’m not skinny, and I’m not fat. I’ve never used a drug in my life.

On giving Vince McMahon bullet points he didn’t plan to use for his “pipebomb” promo:
He had dollar signs in his eyes. He said, ‘Hell of a promo. Too bad you’re leaving. We could make a lot of money together.’ At that point, I was so out the door. … I was counting down the days.