Brian Fritz sent these notes in.

The Rock spoke with the media including Brian Fritz at WWE Axxess
about his match with John Cena at WrestleMania, wanting to create the
biggest match of all time over the past year, how long Cena has wanted
this match, thoughts on other superstars who are upset that he is back
and in the main event and more.

You can follow Brian on Twitter @BrianFritz as I will be covering
WrestleMania 28 this weekend in Miami.

Chris Jericho speaks with Brian Fritz about his match against CM Punk
at WrestleMania 28, why he believes this one has a chance to steal the
show compared to other WrestleMania matches he has had, when he knew
he was coming back and pitched this storyline to Vince McMahon, why
some of his fans irritate him and more.