Mick Foley has added a new blog on his Typepad journal page discussing the new formula in recent years within WWE to hire models and training them to become wrestlers.

“I began to see the possibilities about the time I realized Candice Michelle had somehow morphed from a charming, beautiful young woman into a hard-working, top notch performer. I happened to be backstage getting ready for my match at the 2007 “Night of the Champions” when Candice returned from her match, tears of joy streaming down her face after winning her first World Championship. She’d learned to love the business – and it showed. It showed in so many of the new generation of Divas, too – from those mean girls in Lay Cool, to the naughty, demonstrative Maryse, (I’m still the only announcer to properly say her name) to the world’s most beautiful wedding planner, Alicia Fox, to my future partner in RAINN fund-raising, Eve Torres, to the two (or three, depending on how you look at it) most unlikely Diva success stories I could imagine – Kelly Kelly and The Bella Twins.”