Son of WWE Hall of Famer pleads guilty to Florida’s Move Over Act, fined and sentenced

According to a new report from PWInsider, Nicholas Bollea (Nick Hogan), the son of WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, appeared before Pinellas County Court on Friday, changing his plea regarding his November 2023 arrest for misdemeanor DUI from not guilty to guilty of violating Florida’s Move Over Act. 

The Florida Move Act, which was put into effect last year, requires drivers to move over a lane or slow down to 20 miles under the posted speed limit for any stranded driver on the side of the road with hazard lights or another emergency signal on.  Due to Bollea’s change of plea, there will not be no trial.

PWInsider also notes that court records show Bollea was fined $136.00 and sentenced to a 12 hour Advanced Driving Instruction class.  As long as Bollea successfully completes the class, his drivers license will not be suspended and the case will then be closed.

Bollea was arrested back on the morning of November 18, 2023 at 4:00 am in Clearwater, FL. He was returning home from a bikini contest, which was held at his father’s restaurant.  Bollea had refused to submit to a breathalyzer test when he was taken into custody. At the time of this writing, it remains to be seen if Bollea changing his plea is part of an agreement with the prosecution.

The arrest report for Bollea noted that his 2021 Dodge Ram approached a traffic stop that had been set up.  When Bollea approached in the median lane, local police signaled him to pull over.  He did not vacate the lane and also did not slow down  Local police had clocked Bollea doing 51 miles per hour in a 40 mph zone  They noted he had the strong “odor of an alcoholic beverage” and described him as having a swaying balance, unsteady, glassy and bloodshot eyes.  He showed signs of impairment and “performed poorly” during the field sobriety tests.

When a police officer said that he could smell alcohol on Bollea, he told officers that he had just kissed his girlfriend, who had been drinking.

Back in 2007, Bollea was involved in a motor vehicle crash while driving that left family friend John Graziano permanently disabled. Bollea had been drinking and driving during the time of the incident.