Mean Gene on getting in the ring on the live Smackdown

Arda Ocal sent this in.

Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of The Score Television Network spoke with WWE Hall Of Famer “Mean” Gene Okerlund. Highlights:

Being undefeated in his “pro wrestling” career:
I’m 5-0 and I am very proud of it. As a matter of fact I asked Vince McMahon, the chairman and CEO of the WWE to book me in the main event of Wrestlemania 29. I want someone big (Laughs)”

Speaks about how he reacted when he found out he was gonna be in the tag team match with Sheamus. Did it take him by surprise ? :
“That was kinda a last minute deal. When he picked me I thought this had to be a rib.”

How did the name Mean Gene come about ? , Hulk Hogan made the name very popular to all the wrestling fans:
“Hulk Hogan did make it very popular. When I was interviewing in the old AWA, Jesse “The Body” Ventura was the guy that gave me the name. Jesse originated that in 1978, and its kinda stuck ever since”