FCW Results – 4/22/12

Florida Championship Wrestling Results
April 22, 2011
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone and welcome to the latest trek to the Land of the Sunshine State with this week’s FCW recap. If you all are ready, then let’s get on with the show!

Announcers this week are Chris Russo, William Regal & Byron Saxton.

Before our opening match, we get the usual “LIGHTS!”, “Spotlight please” from Damien Sandow, who says “The problem with all of you that make up the FCW Universe is that you suffer from the disease of incompetence!” “SILENCE!” “A disease that has plagued you for quite some time, SILENCE!” The crowd chants for Richie Steamboat as Sandow says “You have all turned into a confederacy of delinquents”. “A confederacy of delinquents in which Jason Jordan is a card-carrying member”. “I expect more from a Division 1 college graduate”. “I expect more from all of you”. “However, I am back in FCW and I shall give you the cure for the disease of incompetence that plagues you”. “I shall give you deliverance from ignorance itself, YOU’RE WELCOME”.

Jason Jordan vs. Damien Sandow

Before the bell sounds, Sandow does some unique breathing exercises before taking his robe off. Lock-up and Jordan with a waistlock and then brings Sandow down to the mat. Sandow tries to get away, but Jordan keeps the hold applied until Sandow makes it over to the ropes to force a break. Lock-up and Jordan with a hammerlock. Sandow tries to counter into one of his own, but Jordan reverses that and goes back to the hammerlock. Sandow tries to reach for the ropes, but Jordan pulls him back in. However, Sandow then breaks the hold with a back elbow. Sandow throws Jordan into the ropes and then rolls him up while also hooking the tights, but that only gets a nearfall. Sandow with a kick to the gut and then locks in a side headlock. Sandow tries to take Jordan over with the headlock, but Jordan blocks it. Sandow then uses the hair of Jordan to finally take him down to the mat. Jordan counters with a headscissors, but Sandow quickly kicks out of it. Jordan then with a side headlock takedown, to which Sandow hooks in a headscissors that Jordan kicks out of. Jordan with another side headlock takedown and Sandow with another headscissors to counter that Jordan kicks out of. Jordan then with a double leg takedown into a jackknife pin for a 1 count. Jordan with yet another side headlock takedown, but this time Sandow cannot counter with a headscissors as Jordan has the hold firmly applied. Sandow gets to his feet and grabs onto the tights of Jordan as they go into the ropes. Sandow breaks, but then goes for a kick to the gut, but Jordan catches his foot. Jordan takes him down and goes for something, but Sandow swirms away and rolls out to the apron to catch a breather. Jordan will have none of it and then brings Sandow back in the hard way. Irish whip by Jordan and he catches Sandow coming in with a back body drop for a 1 count. Irish whip by Jordan sends Sandow sternum first to the corner. Jordan then with a roll-up for a nearfall. However, Sandow pulled something off of the corner and when the referee goes to put it back, Sandow pokes Jordan in the eye to gain the advantage.

Sandow with a series of clubs to the back, followed by a facewash using his knee. Sandow then with a suplex for a 1 count. Sandow with a knee to the back, followed by locking in a seated double chickenwing. Sandow then flips over into almost a version of Daniel Bryan’s Cattle Mutilation. Sandow breaks the hold and then gains a 1 count. Jordan fights back with a gut shot and a pair of right hands. Irish whip by Jordan, but Sandow sidesteps his back body drop attempt and throws Jordan sternum first into the ropes, followed by nailing him in the back of the head with a clothesline. Sandow pulls Jordan onto the apron by the hair and then drives an elbow across Jordan’s chest. Sandow pulls down his elbow pad and hits another to Jordan, followed by burying him underneath the ring skirt and stomping away at him. Sandow taunts the fans with a cartwheel and then hits a Russian leg sweep. Sandow goes for a leaping knee drop, but Jordan moves out of the way.

Sandow goes to send Jordan headfirst off the turnbuckles, but Jordan blocks it and sends Sandow headfirst off the turnbuckles. Sandow goes for a right hand, but Jordan blocks it and hits one of his own. Jordan with another right hand, but Sandow comes back with a shoulder to the ribs. Snapmare takeover by Sandow, but Jordan pops right up and nails Sandow with a clothesline. Jordan with another clothesline, followed by a kick to the gut and finally a suplex. Jordan is all fired up as he hits another kick to the gut, followed by going off the ropes and hitting a running blockbuster for a nearfall. Jordan goes back after Sandow, but Sandow sends him facefirst off the middle turnbuckle to regain the advantage.

Sandow goes for a spinning neckbreaker, but Jordan counters into an O’Connor Roll with a Backlund Bridge for the upset victory.

Winner: Jason Jordan by pinfall (Backlund Bridge)

Sandow cannot believe it while Jordan celebrates his victory as we go to commercial.


Conor O’Brian w/”The Ascension” Kenneth Cameron vs. Jiro

O’Brian does a unique walk around the ring and then unloads on Jiro with a kick to the gut, a club to the back & a right hand. Irish whip by O’Brian, but he misses a charge in and Jiro nails him with a chop, but all that does is fire O’Brian up. Jiro hits a couple more chops that do nothing but fire O’Brian up some more and then O’Brian spins Jiro around and unloads with a series of stomps and right hands in the corner.

O’Brian then sends himself crashing onto the mat to fire himself up even more and then drills Jiro with a running big boot for the victory.

Winner: Conor O’Brian by pinfall (Running Big Boot)

O’Brian and Cameron do their primal yell before we go to the interview area.

At the interview area, FCW Divas Champion Raquel Diaz says “I know what all of you are thinking, where is our Divas action, right?” “Well, I came out here to introduce one of the most epic, amazing, gorgeous, multi-talented Divas that FCW or WWE has ever seen”. “And when she comes out here, I expect an over-whelming round of applause”. “So, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome…….ME!” Diaz cackles in laughter as she says “Your FCW Divas Champion Raquel Diaz!” Diaz cackles some more before saying “I just thought I would come out here and remind you how fabulous I am, because I’m Raquel Diaz and I always get to have my cake and eat it too”. Diaz cackles once more as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go to video from 2 months ago on FCW TV when Leakee was attacked in the parking lot and was then forced to undergo surgery on his knee. We then go to pre-recorded comments from Leakee.

Leakee says “The big question is, how is my knee doing, how is rehab coming?” “It is true, I tore my meniscus, I am on the road to recovery, it is getting better day by day”. “The big speculation is who was my attacker and to be honest, you can continue to wonder this, but I know exactly who it is, its my job to know these type of things”. “It was an act of jealousy and it will be addressed very shortly, it will be taken care of I can promise you that”. “One thing that has really been on my mind lately is Wrestlemania 28, everybody knows that it was a huge event”. “It was very emotional for me and my family to see the return of the Rock, obviously, and also the induction of Yokozuna into the Hall of Fame”. “It hurts me a good bit because I was planning to be there, but unfortunately because of this knee, I wasn’t able to make it”. “But regardless, it was a great moment for me and my family”. “One thing I can truly take away from that is to be able to watch 2 superstars and what they were able to do that night and to look back and where they were able to start, in a facility just like this, the developmental process”. “And then to watch the journey that they took and the finish line they crossed that night, April 1st, it was outstanding, it was very emotional”. “But it just prides me to be able to say that I may have missed this Wrestlemania, but make no mistake, Wrestlemania 29, I will be there”.


Back from commercial, all we see is a spotlight and we also see the former Husky Harris in the ring, now known as Bray Wyatt along with Eli Cottonwood. Wyatt says ” I don’t need no fancy internet machine to connect with my people”. “Your Facebooks and your Twitters, its all useless to me, man”. “Cuz my people, my people, they know that I’m with you always”. Wyatt laughs in a weird manner, then says “But still, I find it humorous the things they say about me on the Internet”. “They say things like Bray Wyatt, well he’s a LIAR, he’s a hoax”. Wyatt laughs again and says “Oh, no I’m not, no I’m not, you better believe I’m not”. “And they say things like, Bray Wyatt, he’s just down there brainwashing folks”. “Brainwashing?” “Well, you got me on that one”. “I am brainwashing you all right now”. “I am washing your brains of all the filth, the TV, the media, has forced into your brains since the day you were born”. “They also say things like, Bray Wyatt, he’s a psycho, he’s a lunatic, he’s crazy, don’t you follow Bray Wyatt, he’s nuts”. “Well, I know another man you call crazy, a young carpenter, and what did he do for you?” Wyatt laughs once again, then says “Well, I am not him, I am not him, I am nowhere near him”. “I am not a man at all, I am the nagging conscience of a world that has thrown itself away to moral monsters”. “I AM EVERYWHERE, MAN, I AM EVERYTHING”. “And the time for choosing sides, man, well the time for choosing sides is over”. “I have arrived and I..am……forever”. Wyatt then closes by singing “Time is on my side” before our next match.

Bray Wyatt w/Eli Cottonwood vs. Aiden English

Before the match begins, Wyatt shakes hands with the referee, then shakes hands with English, who is creeped out by it. Lock-up and Wyatt easily throws down English. Another lock-up and English with a hammerlock, but Wyatt quickly counters and sends English headfirst off the turnbuckles. Wyatt with a gut shot, a right hand and finally a pair of clubs to the back. Wyatt then gets a head of steam and drills English in the corner with an avalanche. Wyatt then smiles in a creepy manner and then proceeds to take English out of the corner in a tango like motion. Wyatt then grabs English and takes him down with a swinging reverse STO. Wyatt then says something as Cottonwood as a big smile on his face on the outside.

Wyatt then picks up English and says something to him while also kissing him on the top of his head. Wyatt then drills English with The Rapture (Switching arms in mid-air Chokeslam) for the victory.

Winner: Bray Wyatt by pinfall (The Rapture)

After the match, Wyatt says something, almost like a prayer to English before we go to the interview area.

At the interview area, FCW Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins says “Tampa, how you feeling tonight?” “You know a lot has changed in FCW”. “You know when I walked into the doors of this building for the first time, I was just a kid with a dream, a reputation and a lot to prove”. “And now I stand before you the Florida Heavyweight Champion”. “And my opponent next week is someone I am very familiar with and he is someone is who in the same predicament as I was back in the day”. “But Kassius Ohno, I know who you are, I know why you’re here because of I what I got”. “And its what gonna keep me close to where we wanna be”. “And if you think for one second that I’m gonna give you a pass, Kassius, because I respect you as a performer, you’ve got another thing coming”. “Kassius, I’m gonna do to you what I have done to every challenger that has come before me”. “I am gonna stomp your face into the ground and I’m gonna leave you with a reminder of what happens when the man comes around”.


Before the main event, Abraham Washington comes out and introduces his clients, the FCW Tag Team Champions Corey Graves & Jake Carter.

Main Event for the FCW Tag Team Titles: Jake “The Great” Carter & Corey “Chicks Dig” Graves w/Abraham Washington (c) vs. “The Blond Stallion” Mike Dalton & C. J. Parker

Parker & Carter will start things off for their respective teams. Carter with a kick to the gut, followed by a pair of right hands. Irish whip by Carter and he catches Parker coming in with a stiff clothesline. Carter with a pair of elbow drops and he taunts the crowd, but that Parker to get back up and nail Carter with a chop. Irish whip by Parker, reversed by Carter, but Parker goes up and over Carter and then nails him with a left arm lariat in the corner. Parker then brings Carter out of the corner with a hiptoss, followed by a crossbody and finally a series of left hands. Parker with a slam, followed by a headbutt for a nearfall. Parker motions that he is gonna tag in Dalton, but Carter stops him from doing so with a gut shot and a right hand. Carter hits a slam and then tags in Graves. Graves goes for an elbow drop, but Parker moves out of the way. Parker with an arm wrench takedown, followed by an Irish whip. Parker charges and hits a monkey flip as Dalton then tags in in mid-move. Dalton leaps up top and connects with a crossbody for a nearfall. Dalton with an arm wrench, followed by wringing out Graves’s arm. Dalton does it again, but then Graves comes back with a knee to the gut. Irish whip by Graves sends Dalton to the corner, but Dalton then nails Carter on the apron with a back elbow. Graves charges, but Dalton gets his legs up and goes for a Sunset flip, but Graves has the presence of mind to tag in Carter in mid-move. Dalton didn’t see the tag occur and that allows Carter to nail him from behind with a boot to the back of the head.

Carter with a kick to the gut, followed by a club to the back and then chokes Dalton in the ropes. Carter then goads Parker into the ring and while the referee keeps Parker at bay, Carter & Graves then double team Dalton. Carter with a right hand and then chokes Dalton again. Graves gets a brief choke in from the apron while Carter hits another kick to the gut. Snapmare takeover by Carter, followed by gaining a 1 count. Carter then locks in a reverse chinlock as Parker tries to will on his partner. Dalton gets to his feet and tries to fight back with gut shots, but Carter comes right back with a knee to the gut. Carter then locks in a keylock and tags in Graves. Graves then locks in a keylock on Dalton’s other arm, but Dalton backflips and takes both Graves & Carter down with dual Japanese armdrags. Dalton with a double dropkick to both Graves & Carter and then tags in Parker.

Parker with a left hand to Graves, followed by an Irish whip. Parker then catches Graves coming in with a back body drop. Carter tries to come in, but Parker takes him down and rains in right hands to him. Parker charges and hits both Graves & Carter with a double clothesline that sends them over the ropes and to the outside. Dalton comes in now and then he & Parker hit stereo dives on Graves & Carter on the outside as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Parker has Carter in an armbar. Carter gets to his feet and breaks the hold with a pair of right hands. Irish whip by Carter, but Parker holds on to the ropes and sidesteps Carter’s back body drop attempt with a kick to the face. Parker goes for a slam, but he is too close to the ropes and Graves tags himself in in mid-move and he & Carter connect with an assisted running kneelift to Parker. Graves rains in right hands to Parker and then talks trash before gaining a 1 count. Tag into Carter as he and Graves hit a double team belly to back facebuster on Parker. Carter with an elbow drop for a nearfall. Carter with a stomp, followed by a suplex for another nearfall. Graves tries to fight back with a gut shot, but Carter nails him with a knee to the gut. Carter then locks in an abdominal stretch, while also using Graves for extra leverage behind the referee’s back. Tag into Graves, who nails Parker with a gut shot. Graves then locks in his own abdominal stretch and uses Carter as extra leverage. The referee finally catches Graves & Carter in the act and that allows Parker to counter out with a hiptoss. Parker tries to crawl over and make a tag, but Graves quickly tags in Carter and Carter stops Parker from doing so with an elbow drop. Carter again goads Dalton into the ring and then hits a slam on Parker. Carter then hits a leaping splash on Parker for a close nearfall. Carter then locks in a seated abdominal stretch. Parker gets to his feet and breaks the hold with a gut shot and a headbutt. However, Carter comes right back with a right hand, followed by a kick to the ribs. Tag into Graves, who keeps Parker at bay in the corner while Carter gets set to charge. Carter taunts at Dalton and then charges, hitting an avalanche on Parker. Graves gains a 1 count as Dalton breaks up the pin attempt. Graves then pulls at the mouth of Parker while the referee makes Dalton go back to his corner. Graves with a gut shot, but then Parker begins to fight his way out of the corner with shots to both Carter & Graves. Graves then blocks a kick from Parker and nails him with a forearm. Graves then locks in a side headlock, but as Parker tries to counter with a back suplex attempt, Carter tags in. Graves hits a clothesline while Carter hits another elbow drop on Parker for another nearfall. Carter with a stomp to the back of Parker’s head and then goes for another leaping splash, but Parker gets his knees up. Parker tries to get to his corner, but Carter stops him again. Carter then knocks Dalton off the apron, and then bearhugs Parker and drives him back into his corner. Carter with a shoulder to the gut and then Graves comes in. Graves & Carter go for another belly to back facebuster, but Parker lands on his feet. Parker moves out of the way on Graves’ charge in and then Parker pulls down the top rope, sending Carter over the ropes and to the outside. Graves tries to grab onto Parker’s leg, but Parker leaps forward and finally makes the tag into Dalton.

Dalton with a pair of forearms to Graves, followed by a shoulder tackle to Carter. Dalton with another forearm to Graves, followed by an Irish whip. Dalton then hits a back body drop, followed by a leaping back elbow in the corner on Graves. Dalton then connects with a rana into a pin attempt, but Carter breaks it up in the nick of time. Parker then comes in and sends himself and Carter sailing over the ropes and to the outside. All of a sudden, Washington gets onto the apron to distract the referee.

That distraction allows Graves to grab Washington’s cane and nail Dalton in the throat with it to steal the victory and keep the titles.

Winners and still FCW Tag Team Champions: Corey Graves & Jake Carter by pinfall (AW’s Cane)

The champs celebrate their win as we go to credits.

My Thoughts

Another solid episode of FCW this week.

The opening match was to me, the best match on the show. Sandow did a really good job of carrying Jordan to a good performance, while Jordan held up his end with some real nice babyface fire. Good opener.

O’Brian & Jiro was a pure squash to showcase the Ascension. Nuff said.

Diaz’s promo showing off her arrogant & spoiled character was good for what it was.

Wyatt’s promo before his promo was very weird, but yet very intriguing all at the same time. And I can’t forget that Eli Cottonwood put on his best performance to date by standing there and doing absolutely nothing.

The Wyatt squash was that, a squash to get over the creepy, Waylon Mercy style character of Wyatt, and I think it was a real good 1st start to it. Looking forward to where it goes from here and I believe that this character may be Husky Harris who is now Bray Wyatt, ticket back to the main roster.

Rollins’ promo was OK, but promos are his weak point and it continues to show.

The main event was solid, but the control segment of Graves & Carter dragged a bit too long for my taste. Parker was good on the sell and Dalton was much improved off the hot tag. Solid main event with a good effort by all 4.

Overall, another solid show from FCW and I would recommend viewing the opening match & the stuff with Bray Wyatt.

My Grade: C+

Well, that will do it for me this week. I want to thank you all for reading and I will be back next week, but remember…

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