Joe Migliori sent this report in.

Smackdown taping, Toledo, Ohio – 5/1/12

Sheamus comes out and gets on the mic saying he loves to fight and wants to fight Daniel Bryan right now. Daniel comes out and they begin the match when Del Rio and his announcer comes out and interferes (his announcer did a flying splash off the top rop onto Sgeanys which was the most exciting move of the night…)

Kofi Kingston and R-truth def. Hunico and Comacho with Epico and entourage watching.

Brodus Clay def. Jack Swagger after Dolph Ziggler interferred. They retaped the end of this match later on where Jack gets counted out so I’m not sure which ending will air. I am assuming they retaped it cause when Brodus was dancing after the match, they had a few kids with them who did not want to participate in his unflattering shaking of his loins.

Damien Sandow came out a said he is not wrestling tonight and left the arena. In his place came out Ryback which easily defeated Derrick Bateman in about 30 sec.

Layla def. Natalya in the most boring match of the night.

Big Show and Randy Orton def. Kane and Cody Rhodes

Main Event: Sheamus def. Daniel Bryan as Del Rio watched and did commentary.

Dark after show match: Randy Orton def. Kane in a street fight.