is featuring an interview with WWE star Evan Bourne where he talks about the dangers of performing the Shooting Star Press in a WWE ring.

“Yeah, it’s always scary because the top rope is a variable. I know I?m going to overcome my fear and I?m going to jump, but what I?m standing on is pretty much two pieces of rope tied together and taped over. Maybe there have been guys before me that have been sweating and bleeding all over the place and maybe that’s on my shoe or it’s on the top rope. Or maybe its baby oil, who knows what it could be?

Anything that could make me slip could be the end of my career. So every time I go up there, I?m extremely serious. This is the ?do not try it at home? type of stuff, but I do it every night because that’s how I win matches. That’s what the fans come to see, regardless of if I?m worried. I?ve had to stand on one side of the rope or jump off sideways. Everybody likes to think they guy’s just going to be laying there for me, but that’s never the case. When you?re flying off the top rope he’s never where you want him to be. Sometimes I just throw caution to the wind and go for it.”

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