Brian Soscia sent this in.

WWE I.C. Champion Cody Rhodes called in to chat w/ Brian Soscia (@THEBrianSoscia on Twitter) and spoke freely on a number of things as he promoted the Smackdown live event in Newark, De this Saturday night.

The link to the interview:

Just some of the things discussed:

-What was it like teaming w/ Bob Holly? Was he a hard guy to get along with?
-Why Shawn Michaels might be mad at him.
-Was it his decision or WWE’s to change back to the 1990′s I.C. title?
-The level of commitment he had to his masked character and where the mask is now.
-How the mask saved his life.
-His thoughts on social media
-The best advice he ever received.
-How he passes time on the road
-Why he went so long without wearing knee pads
Plus much much more! for the interview