5/13 WWE Results: Rochester, New York

Torre Pinkins sent this report in.

Brodus Clay w/ Hornswoggle vs. JTG
Brodus Clay wins via Call My Momma finisher and then dances with several kids in the ring

Zack Ryder vs. Dean Ambrose
Didn’t really catch the name of the guy but he’s a very strange character. A mix between the old Goldust, Mankind, and William Regal. Zack Ryder wins via DQ when the Ambrose character slams Ryder’s head in to an exposed turnbuckle. Dolph then runs down and hits the Zig Zag on Ryder

Layla vs. Beth Phoenix
Layla wins via neck breaker move

United States Championship Match
Swagger vs. Miz vs. Santino
Santino hits cobra on both the Miz and Swagger and gets the pinfall.

Tag Team Championship Match
R-Truth and Kofi vs. Primo and Epico
R-Truth and Kofi come out seperate so R-Truth can do his Lil Jimmy version of “What’s Up?”. Match starts off with Primo asking Truth if he can high five Lil Jimmy. Primo super kicks Lil Jimmy instead and Truth hits a HUGE spear on Primo..later in the match, Epico hits a backstabber on Truth and gets the pinfall. New WWE Tag Team Champions! As they are celebrating, Scott Armstrong runs down to the ring and
tells the ref that Truth had his leg on the bottom rope. The ref then resumes the match. Truth hits the lie detector finisher and he and Kofi retain their titles and celebrate with “Lil Jimmy” in the ring


Justin Roberts comes out to welcome us back from intermission and Dolph interrupts to introduce his new insurance policy that will help him get to the top. Mason Ryan then comes out and taunts and poses.

Tyson Kidd vs. Lord Tensai
This is a no-brainer outcome. Lord Tensai wins via green mist facepalm thing.

Dolph w/ Mason Ryan comes out again for a match and starts bullying Justin Roberts and calling him Justin Rogers. Cena then runs out and the fans go wild. Cena NEVER comes to Rochester. Back n forth match with a lot of “Let’s Go Cena” “Cena Sucks” chants. Cena wins via A.A

WWE Championship Match
Jericho vs. CM Punk
Before the match gets underway. Justin Roberts introduces the special guest outside enforcer Mick Foley. Match gets underway and Jericho keeps yelling outside the ring at Foley during the match yelling insults. Eventually Jericho tries to get a chair involved and Mick jumps in. Jericho back him down in the corner and berates him. Jericho turns around to stomp on Punk and Foley pulls out Mr. Socko! Jericho gets fed the sock and then handed over to CM Punk who does the most botched GTS ever. CM Punk wins via GTS

Would like to thank Adam Martin for always posting the reports I send in and Matt Bloom (Lord Tensai), Justin Roberts, and Scott Armstrong for the free tix to the show tonight!