SPOILERS: Second Smackdown report from Hershey

David Molesevich sent this report in.

WWE Smackdown for May 18:

Opener: Lilian introduces GM John Lauranaitis basically recapping what happened on Raw. He asks the WWE Universe to tweet the board. After Over The Limit, Punk says you’ll be fired and I’ll be WWE Champ!

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth def. Titus O’Neil and Darren Young.

Damien Sandow vs Yoshi Tatsu ended in a no contest when Sandow refused to face Tatsu. Sandow attacked him after Yoshi called him a chicken.

Randy Orton and Sheamus cut a promo on each other before their match. Orton calls Sheamus a nice guy and says we all know where they end up.

Daniel Bryan def. Zack Ryder.

CM Punk vs. Kane is up next.

CM Punk vs. Kane ends in a DQ after Daniel Bryan hits Kane with a chair. After the match Kane hits him with 2 chokeslams.

Santino def. Cody Rhodes.

WrestleMania XXIX promo airs.

Up Next: A look back at why The Big Show got fired.

World Champion Sheamus def. Randy Orton with a rollup. After Orton shakes Sheamus’ hand and gives him and RKO to close the show.

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