Piper and CM Punk comment on WWE’s Top 25 talker list

WWE.com put up a top 25 talkers list:

25: Capt. Lou Albano
24: Rick Rude
23: Santino Marella
22: Ted DiBiase Sr.
21: The Miz
20: Jesse Ventura
19: Triple H
18: Paul Heyman
17: Edge
16: Mr. McMahon
15: Superstar Billy Graham
14: Mick Foley
13: Hulk Hogan
12: CM Punk
11: Randy Savage
10: JBL
9: Bobby Heenan
8: Dusty Rhodes
7: John Cena
6: Jake Roberts
5: Chris Jericho
4: Ric Flair
3: The Rock
2: Roddy Piper
1: Steve Austin

Roddy Piper and CM Punk both commented by Twitter about Piper coming in at second place. Here is what Piper had to say:

“I don’t know if this is true. Told the WWE put out a book of greatest mic men. Told I was not no.1. Lost the last piece of respect & cred. LOL..Before this petty who is best goes to far, cause I love them all. Imagine if the WWE would let Rock, Austin,Piper, Cena do a Pit! Magic The Rock is great & Steve Austin, who always treats me with respect is great. They know it. I just had more practice. Simple. All there interviews were scripted! There lay the difference!”

CM Punk replied with the following:
“that list is a joke because Piper isn’t number one. Typical WWE revisionist history/political favoritism.”