FCW Results – 6/11/12

Florida Championship Wrestling
June 11, 2012
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone and welcome back to the detailed Florida Championship Wrestling recap.

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Your announcers are Antonio Cesaro, Byron Saxton & William Regal.

FCW Tag Team Champions Corey “Chicks Dig” Graves & Jake “The Great” Carter vs. “The Blond Stallion” Mike Dalton & Xavier Woods

Woods & Graves will start things out for their respective teams. Woods with a side headlock, but puts on the brakes when Graves tries to send him into his corner. Woods gets away with a forward roll, then talks strategy with his tag partner, Mike Dalton. Graves with his own side headlock now, but Woods takes him down to escape, sending Graves into Woods’ corner in a case of turnabouts fair play. Graves with a wristlock, but Woods spins out and counters into his own wristlock. Woods with an arm wrench, but Graves grabs a hold of Woods’ hair and sends him into his corner. Carter tags in, but misses a right hand in the corner. Carter charges, but Woods catches him with an armdrag. Woods knocks down Carter with a chop, then Woods with an arm wrench before tagging in Dalton. Dalton with an elbow to Carter’s arm, but Carter then grabs a hold of Dalton’s hair. Dalton with an arm wrench, then blocks a right hand from Carter and locks in a side headlock before taking Carter down. Carter breaks free, but Dalton takes him down again. Carter breaks free once more, but Dalton takes him down a 3rd time and this time keeps a hold of Carter. Carter grabs the hair of Dalton, then sends Dalton into his corner, but Dalton nails Graves with a forearm. Carter charges, but runs into a boot from Dalton. Dalton lifts up Carter, but does not see that in doing so, Carter was able to make the tag to Graves. Dalton with an inverted atomic drop to Carter as Graves charges in, but Dalton sees him coming and connects with an inverted atomic drop on Graves. Dalton then gives the tag champions a meeting of the minds as he clunks their heads together. Tag into Woods, as Dalton spins Graves back to his feet so Woods can leap off the top rope and nail Graves with a front missile dropkick for a nearfall.

Woods locks in an armbar, then does an arm wrench. Woods takes down Graves with an arm whip, followed by driving Graves’ arm into the mat. Woods gets a 1 count, then does another arm wrench before tagging in Dalton. Dalton leaps up top and scores with a double sledge across Graves’ arm. Dalton with an arm wrench, then tags in Woods. Woods leaps up top and scores with his own double sledge to the arm of Graves. Woods with another arm wrench, but Graves fights back with a gut shot. Irish whip by Graves, but Woods slides under his legs and then Dalton comes in. Dalton & Woods then with a double arm wrench, followed by a double forearm, a double uppercut and finally a double leg sweep to Graves. Dalton gains a nearfall, then charges, but as Graves tries to back body drop Dalton over the ropes, Dalton lands on his feet on the apron. Carter tries to come in, but Dalton nails him with a forearm. However, the distraction allows Graves to come in and charge at Dalton, connecting with a shoulder tackle that sends Dalton off the apron and crashing hard on the outside. Woods tries to check on his partner, but the referee prevents him from doing so as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Graves has Dalton in a reverse chinlock. Dalton gets to his feet, but Graves nails him with an elbow to the back of the head. Tag into Carter, who taunts Woods, then charges and connects with an avalanche, followed by a running knee from Graves. Carter gains a nearfall, then chokes Dalton in the ropes. Then, while the referee is with Carter, Graves sneaks in and chokes Dalton again in the ropes. Carter with a slam, then goes off the ropes and hits a splash for a nearfall. Carter locks in a reverse chinlock as Woods tries to will on his partner. Dalton tries to fight back, but Carter nails him with a knee to the gut. Irish whip by Carter and he catches Dalton coming in with a kitchen sink. Tag into Graves, who nails Dalton with a stomp. Graves locks Dalton in a seated abdominal stretch as Woods continues to will on his partner. Dalton gets to his feet, but Graves nails him with a knee to the gut. Graves goes up to the top rope and tags in Graves before locking Dalton in a Figure 4 Necklock so Carter can unload with gut shots. Carter with a soccer kick to the ribs, followed by sending Dalton headfirst off the top turnbuckle. Carter with a right hand, followed by connecting with a suplex for a nearfall. Carter with a pair of elbows to the chest of Dalton before locking him in a chinlock. Dalton breaks free, but Carter comes back with a kick to the gut. Irish whip by Carter, but as he tries for another kitchen sink, Dalton counters with a roll-up for a nearfall. Dalton tries to make the tag to Woods, but Carter pulls him back and hits an elbow drop. Tag into Graves, who hits an elbow drop, followed by locking in a keylock along with a chinlock. Dalton gets to his feet, but Graves knocks him back down with a pair of double sledges to the back. Graves mocks Dalton trying to make the tag to Woods, then Irish whips him. Graves charges, but runs into a back elbow from Dalton. Carter comes in and charges at Dalton, but Dalton pulls down the top rope and Carter goes sailing over the ropes and to the outside. Dalton with a right hand to Graves, but as he tries to make the tag to Woods, Carter pulls Woods off the apron to prevent the tag. Graves then unloads with a series of clubs to the back of Dalton. Graves with a suplex, then tags in Carter, but Dalton kicks Graves off. Dalton then monkey flips Carter, followed by evading an elbow drop from Graves. Dalton then crawls under Carter’s legs and finally makes the tag to Woods.

Carter misses a clothesline and Woods with a shot to Graves on the apron. Carter with another charge, but Woods sidesteps him. Woods with a pair of right hands, then blocks a Carter boot and connects with a spinning headscissors takeover. Woods with a dropkick and is all fired up. Irish whip by Woods, reversed by Carter, but Carter runs into a boot from Woods. Woods hits the Honor Roll on Carter, then catches Graves’ foot coming in and flips him over, sending Graves crashing down chest first onto the mat. Woods with a soccer kick to the ribs of Carter, then Dalton comes in and charges, connecting with a tope dive onto Graves on the outside. Carter lifts up Woods for the electric chair, but Woods fights out and hits a discus right hand.

Woods then goes off the ropes and hits Carter with the Lost in the Woods for the victory.

Winners: “The Blond Stallion” Mike Dalton & Xavier Woods by pinfall (Lost in the Woods)

Dalton & Woods celebrate their win and motion that they want a shot at the FCW Tag Team Titles as we go to the FCW Divas Champion Raquel Diaz at the interview area.

Diaz says “I know what all of you are thinking, what’s going on with her hair?” “What’s all that makeup about?” “And OMG, that outfit is fabulous”. “Honestly, I’ve had a little bit too much time to myself because I’ve been bored”. “Ugh, I can’t believe it”. “I mean, being the most fabulous, glamorous, amazing Diva in FCW just simply isn’t enough for Raquel”. “So, I decided to give myself a little makeover and when I did that, I found something deep, deep inside that I could share with you guys”. “I found an innovator, I found an icon, I found the future”. “But you guys know, I’m not a very patient woman now am I?” “So, without further ado, FCW Universe, introducing the ultra-glam, the ultra-sheek, the Ultra-Diva, Raquel Diaz!”


Back from commercial, we go backstage where FCW General Manager Summer Rae is talking to WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, who says that FCW President Steve Keirn wants to talk to Summer about some major changes taking place in FCW. Summer leaves and then Dusty has fun with Summer’s assistant, Rob Naylor, scaring him off.

Audrey Marie vs. “The Anti-Diva” Paige w/Sofia Cortez

Before the bell sounds, it seems as though Paige & Cortez are not on the same page. Lock-up and Marie with an arm wrench into a hammerlock. Marie then with a side headlock takedown. Paige tries to pin down Marie’s shoulders, but Marie goes back to the side headlock. Paige counters out with a double leg takedown, followed by a Jackknife Pin for a 1 count. Marie then bridges out and hooks Paige in a backslide for a 1 count. Marie scores with a slam for a nearfall. Irish whip by Marie, countered by Paige, who nails Marie with a short-arm clothesline for a nearfall.

Paige chokes Marie in the ropes, but as she backs away to allow Cortez to go after Marie, Cortez does not do so. Paige has words with Cortez, but Marie then fights back with a pair of forearms. Marie goes off the ropes, but Paige catches her coming in with a boot to the head for another nearfall. Irish whip by Paige sends Marie bouncing off the corner. Paige unloads with stomps in the corner, then hooks Marie in a longbow backbreaker around the ringpost on the outside. Back in the ring, Paige gains a close nearfall, then locks Marie in a seated surfboard with Paige’s knee placed firmly between the shoulder blades of Marie. The crowd tries to will on Marie as she gets to her feet. Marie breaks free, then nails Paige with a headbutt to the gut. Paige then sidesteps Marie and sends her through the ropes to the outside. Marie gets to her feet while Cortez backs away, doing nothing when normally she would be right after an opponent. Back in the ring, Paige with a snap suplex for another nearfall. Paige with a club to the back, followed by an Irish whip. Paige charges, but runs into a boot from Marie. Marie then heads up to the middle rope and connects with a crossbody.

Marie with a clothesline, followed by a dropkick and finally a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Marie chokes Paige, then Irish whips her, but Paige reverses it. Paige with a kick to the gut, followed by an Irish whip, but Marie springs up to the middle rope and goes for a headscissors, but Paige sends her out onto the apron. Paige with a forearm, followed by a shoulder to the gut. Marie then comes back in and tries for a Sunset Flip, but Paige holds onto the ropes.

However, Cortez breaks loose Paige’s hands from the ropes and Marie takes her over in the Sunset Flip for the victory.

Winner: Audrey Marie by pinfall (Sunset Flip)


Rick Victor vs. C.J. Parker

Lock-up and Parker with a waistlock. Victor switches into a wristlock, but Parker does a kip-up and counters into his own wristlock. Parker with an arm wrench, followed by a fireman’s carry takeover and finally into an armbar. Parker switches into a hammerlock, but Victor breaks free with a back elbow. Victor goes into a side headlock, but Parker Irish whips out of the hold. Victor goes off the ropes and then knocks down Parker with a shoulder tackle. Victor goes off the ropes again, Parker with a leapfrog and then Parker takes Victor over with a reverse Monkey flip. Victor rolls out to the apron, but then Parker charges and connects with a baseball slide, sending Victor to the outside. Parker goes for a slingshot move on the outside, but lands on his feet as Victor avoids him. Victor then misses a chop and Parker nails him with a left hand. Parker with another left hand, followed by a chop, but then Victor shoves Parker back first into the ringpost.

Victor lifts Parker and connects with an overhead belly-to-belly throw on the outside. Victor sends Parker back into the ring and begins to stalk him. Victor with a forearm to the back, followed by a chop and finally an uppercut. Victor with another chop, followed by another uppercut. Victor with a pair of short Irish whips sending Parker back first into the corner, followed by a snap suplex for a 1 count. Victor locks in a chinlock, with his knee driven right into the back of Parker. Victor then drives a knee into the back of Parker before going back to the chinlock. Parker breaks free with a headbutt, but then Victor comes right back with a knee to the gut. Victor goes for the Tiger Driver, but Parker counters with a back body drop, followed by dropping down on Victor and hooking his legs for a nearfall. Victor then counters into his own pin attempt for a 1 count. Parker tries for a Jackknife Pin, but Victor counters into another pin attempt for a 1 count. Parker then counters into his own pin attempt for another nearfall. Parker then gets the Jackknife Pin for another nearfall. Victor bridges out, but Parker counters with another back body drop.

Parker with a left arm lariat, followed by a flying back elbow. Parker goes off the ropes and hits a crossbody and is all fired up. Parker drops his kneepads and charges, connecting with Shotgun Knees in the corner. Irish whip by Parker, but Victor sidesteps his back body drop attempt with a kick to the chest. Victor goes off the ropes, but Parker catches him coming in with a high knee. Parker lifts up Victor and connects with a double knee gutbuster for a close nearfall. Parker heads up top and goes for a splash, but Victor is able to move out of the way and Parker catches nothing but canvas.

Victor then hooks Parker and hits the Tiger Driver for the victory.

Winner: Rick Victor by pinfall (Tiger Driver)

We go to the interview area where FCW Champion Seth Rollins is there to talk about his match next week with Dean Ambrose for the FCW Title. Rollins says “2 years ago, when I walked into this building, it was for one reason and one reason only, that was to prove myself and become the best”. “And that’s exactly what I did”. “A year later, another man named Dean Ambrose, he walked in the doors of this company with the exact same goal in mind and he set his sights on the man”. “But Dean did not get the job done and he lost his focus and he’s lost his mind, he’s lost his sanity and I told him, you need to get your focus back, you need to keep your eyes on the prize, and that’s what he did, he asked for a Florida Heavyweight Championship match”. “So next week, one more time to prove who the man really is”. “Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, in a fight to define who’s the man, who runs this place, its about tradition, its about honor, it is about respect”. “I’m a lifer, Dean, you’re a lifer, and next week, one more time, we find out who the best really is”.


Main Event
Bo Dallas (formerly Bo Rotundo) vs. Big E. Langston

Both men feel each other out in the early going as Langston tries to corner Dallas. Langston goes for a charge, but Dallas moves out of the way. Langston tries to corner Dallas again and this time grabs a hold of him, but Dallas is in the ropes so Langston is forced to break. Langston breaks, but then brings Dallas out to the center of the ring with a side headlock. Langston wrenches down on the headlock and keeps a hold of him when Dallas tries to Irish whip out. Dallas is able to fight out with gut shots, then Langston misses a clothesline and Dallas grabs a hold of Langston in a waistlock into his own side headlock. Langston tries to lift Dallas up to break free, but to no avail. Langston then tries to Irish whip out, but Dallas keeps the hold firmly applied. But, the 3rd time’s the charm as Langston counters out by connecting with a back suplex on Dallas.

Langston with a gut shot, followed by a pair of shoulders to the ribs of Dallas in the corner. Langston talks trash to Dallas, who fights back with a series of right hands, but Langston comes right back with a knee to the gut. Langston continues to talk trash as he nails Dallas with another knee to the gut, then goes off the ropes and mows down Dallas with a running avalanche. Langston goes to a mount and rains in a pair of right hands before lifting up Dallas and locking him in a bearhug. Dallas is able to break the hold with a series of elbows to the head, but when he tries to go off the ropes, Langston pulls him by the hair and drives him down to the mat. Langston gains a nearfall, then nails Dallas with a club to the back. Langston with a pair of forearms to the back, followed by a gut shot. Langston then lifts up Dallas in the Canadian Backbreaker submission hold before dropping him down across his knee in a regular backbreaker for a close nearfall. Langston drops down the straps and fires himself up. Langston charges, but Dallas is able to move out of the way.

Dallas unloads with a series of right hands, followed by a gut shot. Dallas goes off the ropes and connects with a running boot to the side of Langston’s head, followed by going back off the ropes and hitting a flying forearm. Dallas is all fired up as he sets to charge, but then just runs right into Langston, who knocks him down with a shoulder tackle. Langston goes for the Canadian Backbreaker again, but Dallas rolls off his back.

Langston misses a clothesline and Dallas goes off the ropes, nailing Langston with the Spear for the victory.

Winner: Bo Dallas by pinfall (Spear)

Dallas celebrates his win while Langston is angry about the loss as we go to credits.

My Thoughts

Decent show again this week, but nothing really to write home about.

The tag team opener was pretty good, as Dalton continues to show a lot of potential with his FIP work. Crater & Graves have become a really nice little tag team with how they work their control segment, it gives an old-school 80s tag formula to it and I feel its very refreshing. Woods was good off the hot tag as he is someone who fits that role to a tee. Good effort by all 4.

Divas match was OK as Paige clearly carried it, but Marie is still very green and even the best carryjob will still show off her inexperience. The stuff with Cortez not helping Paige I thought was fine, but they really fast-forwarded through all the Anti-Diva Army because now it seems those two are already broken up. Overall, OK match but Marie still needs a ton of work.

Victor & Parker was pretty solid as Parker actually showed something to me in this match. Thought he was good on the sell and his comeback was vastly improved from when he was in the tag team stuff previously. Victor continues to up his game and at least show to me that he is another diamond in the rough that people should start paying attention to.

Main event was solid, but its starting to become the same match everytime out for Rotundo/Dallas. Heel controls most of the match, Dallas sells his butt off, gets some hope spots in, gets cut off, out of nowhere spear, done. Not saying its bad to have this match because Langston was good in the big man heel role, but I am just not a fan of formulaic matches and Dallas is starting to creep into that territory. Dallas will be something down the line, but if this trend of matches keeps up, he will soon become stale.

My Grade: C+

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