Thanks to Wrestleview’s own Grash for passing along this report:

WWE Smackdown for June 15:

Dolph and Bryan vs. Punk and Sheamus, Vicky and AJ at ring side. AJ dumped Vicky in the ring. Sheamus gets distacted and Dolph gets the pin. AJ and Vicky scuffle. AJ hurt and Kane comes out to pick her up. Punk and Kane fight. Kane slams Punk and Bryan. AJ falls to her knees crazy.

Funk time. Brodus vs. Heath … Squash.
Otunga with post match attack. Brodus carried out.

Layla joined commentary.
Alica fox vs. Beth phoenix. Beth squash match.

Chairman’s condition.
Ace gloats. Big show talks hit on vmk. Cena to show at the end.

Christian def. Jack Swagger. Crowd is quiet.
Jack cuts a promo post match. HHH is out. Pedigrees Jack. Chases Vicky out slapping her AAA. HHH said nothing.

Ryback squash.

Cena appears. Ace says big show isn’t comming. Got sent home
To protect no way out match. If Cena hits ace and loses Monday, he will be fired. Cena cold clocks ace to end the shown.

Post show match
Cena def. big show and otunga and ace