The following was taped on Tuesday, June 19 in Baltimore, Maryland:

WWE Smackdown for June 22:

* Teddy Long came out to the ring and talked about how happy he is that John Laurinaitis was fired. Big Show came out and said none of that matters since he is entering the Money in the Bank match. Brodus Clay came out, and he got into a fight with Big Show. David Otunga interfered for Big Show, and Big Show hit Clay with the WMD. Otunga danced as Clay’s music played.

* Ryback def. two local wrestlers.

* Alberto Del Rio def. Christian via Submission (non-title). Cody Rhodes attacked Christian after the match.

* Kane def. Daniel Bryan. AJ rang the bell as Bryan had the Yes! Lock applied, but the referee had the match continue. Kane pinned him with a Chokeslam soon after.

* Mick Foley was out next, and he was interrupted by Heath Slater. Foley booked a match with Slater against Zack Ryder.

* Zack Ryder def. Heath Slater.

* The Primetime Players def. The Usos. Primo and Epico attacked AW, and the two teams brawled after.

* Santino Marella came out for a sign contest. He found someone with a sign that was flattering toward him. The female fan kissed Santino on the lips, and he passed out.

* Jack Swagger was complaining about not being on the show tonight, and Triple H came out to give him a Pedigree.

* Sheamus def. Dolph Ziggler.

Dark Match Main Event:

* John Cena def. Big Show and David Otunga. John Laurinaitis came out and hit Cena with a chair. Cena eventually caught him with the Attitude Adjustment.