7/6 WWE Results: Amarillo, Texas

Rocky Jimenez sent this report in.

From 9/24 WWE Results: Amarillo, Texas – “I tip my hat to WWE again, and I cannot wait for WWE to return again. But hey, if you guys are reading this, can we get RAW, or at least a Zack Ryder?”

I’m not sure if the guys scheduling the WWE Live Events actually read this, or if AmnesiaVince is now canon in WWE, because RAW was live in Amarillo tonight! Jam packed show, and an always packed, always hot crowd!

This is the second show I have been to where I did not want floor, but I wanted to see everything! Got a decent seat, and it was fun! But I do have a few gripes:

1) Why charge $100 for a show that is not even gonna be on TV? I mean, I could understand if they had the camera crew out. But $100 for a cage match and a new house show stage? I was fine with my $40 seat in the good stands.

2)Twitter is fine, but when NONE of my #WWEAmarillo posts are showing up, then that shows they are, somehow, picking and choosing what posts are being shown on the Twitter, not only the live feed.

3)$6 “Collector’s Cup”, and still no refill? And people wonder why I no longer get fountain drinks with ice in it.

4)The stage’s thin lights (the ones one the X structure) are WAY TO BRIGHT, and when they are white during the title matches, it really begins to bother your eyes. They dimmed the entire stage for the main event, so maybe do the same during the entire show?

Well, time for a show rundown!

Brodus Clay VS JTG

Brodus is way over no matter what, but until he went to kiss the Funkadactlys, JTG had no heat at all! Brodus has come along way since I saw him last year, and the guy is right where he belongs!

WINNER – Brodus Clay

After the dancing, we are told to text WWE to vote on the Tag Team Title match. We can either choose A) A Street Fight, or B) A 2/3 Falls Match. Really?

Curt Hawkins VS Bo Dallas

… Wait, did I just type that? Yea, Bo Dallas worked the live show tonight! This Rotunda shows that the entire family is as hard hitting and hard working as Blackjack Mulligan (Yes, Husky was a hard worker as well until he got sidelined.) This was the obvious “wrestling match” booked for the night, as these guys ran a good 8-12 minute match! Very great to see a wrestling match on a RAW show!

WINNER – Bo Dallas

While Justin Roberts is getting ready to announce the next match, King William Regal came out. He was greeted with many boos as he explained to Justin that he wanted to be introduced better than the other Superstars.

Natalya VS Layla

Layla is so much hotter live! Either way, Divas did Diva things. Yep.

WINNER – Layla

William Regal here again. Now, not only does he want introduced better, but he wants to be introuced as “The Future United States Heavyweight Champion”.

Michael McGillicutty VS Zack Ryder

Man, Zack Ryder is WAY over in Amarillo, but McGilli-Gorilla-Cutty still got some “Genisus” chants in! Zack Ryder is so much fun to watch!

WINNER – Zack Ryder

After the match, Primo and Epico came out and attacked Ryder. They stated that they thought that the crowd was intelligent, but they were wrong. They called out the Tag Team Champions to start the next match!

Rosa Mendes’ hot self representing two other guys… Err, I mean…
Primo & Epico VS R-Truth & Kofi Kingston (C)

R-Truth remixxed his theme to add in Lil’ Jimmy. Wonder if that is canon now too? Either way, the match was chosen as a Street Fight, and it wasn’t very violent, but was still a very fun match. They did have their spots with both a chair and a singapore cane, but mainly stuck with all the jumpy flippy stuff Kofi, Epico, and Primo are known for.

WINNER – Primo & Epico

… Well, R-Truth’s foot was on the rope, but Rosa pushed it off, so the ref never saw it. Mike Chioda did, and ran out to restart the match! Flippy elbow and dropkick for the win!

WINNER – R-Truth & Kofi Kingston

Alex Riley VS Tensai

As I posted on Facebook, everyone wanted Miz, What we got was the execution of A-Ry via Tensai!

WINNER – Tensai

William Regal VS Santino Marella (C)

This was the comedy match of the night! From minute one, these guys were just trying to get you to laugh. It finally became a legit contest, but because of who was the ring, I couldn’t help making the comment…


John Cena VS Big Show

I’m sorry, this match was great, but I already paid $60 bucks for this match a few weeks back. Even though the stipulations were different, and there was no Johnny Ace, it was still the same match. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the match, but I think we could have gotten something a little better. But hey, like I have said a few times, it was still a fun match!

WINNER – John Cena

After the match, Cena grabbed the mike, and said he loved working Texas crowds, as they always pack the house and bring the noise!


Welp, I am exhausted! I guess this is why we don’t get RAW in Amarillo, because RAW is packed! I loved the entire card, even the Divas match. Would have loved maybe Ziggler or Rhodes in a match on here, and not having a main event title does kinda leave a gap on the card, but the writers were able to work around this, and I applaud them! Can’t wait to see who we get next time!

… Ring Of Honor, I haven’t commented on you yet. Maybe a stop in a new city full of your Cheeto munchers and Dew chuggers is in order?