Reader email on CNN covering Doink on the 7/2 Raw

Reader gutterhippo passed along this article on by Jarrett Bellini looking at how the term “Doink the Clown” was trending worldwide on Twitter this past Monday night as a result of his appearance on WWE Monday Night Raw.

“So, why the trend? Well, it turns out Doink the Clown is an old-school WWE wrestler who had just made a blast-from-the-past appearance on “Monday Night Raw.” I guess this was kind of a big deal. I don’t know — I’m not really into wrestling. Apparently, there’s an actual term for these no-name wrestlers. They’re called “jobbers.” Their job is to lose the match. Barry Horowitz, it turns out, made a nice career out of getting his brains beat in. Though I’m sure Mr. and Mrs. Horowitz were never pleased with their son’s life choice.”