WWE.com is featuring an article with quotes from WWE stars like Zack Ryder, Titus O’Neil, Santino Marella, Chris Jericho and more talking about using DDP YOGA. Jericho was the most outspoken about how the yoga methods helped his body recover from the usual aches and pains he was accustomed to.

“The last week of ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ I felt something go out in my back. It was some of the worst pain I’ve ever experienced; I couldn’t sneeze, walk, sit or bend down without being in pain. At this point I was in such excruciating pain and was willing to try anything. I had never done yoga in my life, but after about five or six weeks, the pain started to go away. After two months it was gone. The program has helped immensely; had I not started doing DDP Yoga, I would not have been able to return to WWE earlier this year.”