7/6 WWE Results: El Paso, Texas

Adrian Telas sent this report in.

Whats up wrestling fans, what an unbelievable show here at the El Paso County Coliseum. The arena was not a complete sell out but it was very close, but most importantly the fans were into the show since the opening bell rang. Here are the results with some notes.

Match #1
Sin Cara defeats Hunico in a back and forth match, probably one of the best fights of the night. Sin Cara came out to huge pop but Hunico had a descent pop as his character is from Juarez, Mexico our sister city but he was also a Burges High School graduate here in El Paso. Also I was seating ringside and at one point Hunico pulled off Sin Cara masks exposing a good portion of his face.

Match #2
Vickie Guerrero defeated Kaitlyn with special guess ref A.J. This was a quick match as Vickie was running around the ring alot pushing and shoving both Kaitlyn and A.J. The finish saw Vickie shove Kaitlyn into the turnbuckle and followed by a roll up. After the match A.J. fought Vickie as she shoved A.J. from beyond, this got a good pop from the crowd.

Match #3
Ryback defeated Drew Mcintyre let me say that Ryback is a HUGE and deserve a title run either at IC or U.S., great wrestler.

Match #4
Cody Rhodes defeated Christian for the Intercontinental Championship via both his feet on the top rope. This forced Teddy Long to come out and restart the match as he was acting general manger for tonight show. Christian winded up defeating Cody to once again become the I.C. champ. This was also a great match, both this guys have developed great chemistry working together.

Match #5
Sheamus defeated Alberto del Rio to retain the World Heavyweight Championship, Sheamus came out to a huge pop and Del Rio had a mixed reaction but then got heat for calling the home crowd Wetbacks, this was a funny moment of the show. The finisher saw Sheamus give Del Rio the Brogue kick which is devastating seeing only four rows away. Also I got Sheamus autograph on my authentic spinner belt, now giving me Sheamus and John Cena, just thought I would throw that in there.

15 minuter intermission

Match #6
The Great Khali defeated Jinder Mahel, this was the first time I saw Khali live and WOW he is huge.

Match #7
Kane defeated Chris Jericho both came out to a huge pop but Jericho became heel when the crowd starting chanting “You Suck” as he yelled at a kid out in the crowd.

Match #8
C.M. Punk defeated Daniel Bryan in a street fight to retain the WWE Championship, this was the match of the night great back and forth action a little ROH chants, but really a great wrestling match. At the end of the match C.M. Punk grabbed the mic on the entrance ramp and ended the show by saying VIVA LA RAZA, being were are in Guerrero Country!!

Biggest Pop:
#1 C.M. Punk
#2 Sheamus
#3 Sin Cara

Mixed Reaction:
#1 Daniel Bryan
#2 Chris Jericho
#3 Alberto Del Rio

*No really heavy heat *

Notes: Like mention above this was not a complete sellout but very close and very live. This was also my step dads first wrestling event live and he had a blast not only from the great matches but from the crowd. C.M. Punk did a little Eddie tribute by also doing his dance and shaking of the shoulders after his match. If you haven’t seen the new entrance for live events might I saw it looks awesome and gives the show a better feel. I have been to a few live events in the past but this was by far the best I have been to. Please bring a live Raw or Smackdown to El Paso, I think its time they do.

Thanks and keep up the great work you do on your site.

Adrian “ROO” Telas*