Chris Kelly sent this in:

Basically on Sky Sports (which shows WWE), they don?t allow any promoting during a show that isn?t a sponsor of themselves or the event talking place. For example, the Football (soccer) Primer League is referred to as The Barclaycards Primer League as Barclaycards is there official sponsor of the league but in the case of the Jeff Hardy DVD, this is a WWE product that Sky has no links to so they are entitled to edit/remove it from their show.

Phill sent this in:

I just thought I’d let you know that on Smackdown in the UK this week, they didn’t air the Undertaker/Jericho match twice, they aired the segments in the wrong order. The last match featured was John Morrison vs. Eric Escobar and the show ended when Batista came down before the Jericho/Taker match – which they had shown about 25 minutes earlier. It made it very odd to watch but still made more sense than most TNA shows!

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