WWE Hall of Famer and current RAW color commentator Jerry “The King” Lawler was recently interviewed by the Miami Herald . Here are some of the highlights:

On how he got his job as RAW color commentator: I’ll never forget we were about an hour away from going on the air live, and at that time WCW went on the air an hour before us.” “I remember Vince was looking around, ‘We need to find Randy. We’re going to go over what we’re going to have on the show.

“Suddenly somebody came in and said, ‘Vince, you need to turn on your TV,’ and he looked, and there was Macho Man Randy Savage, walking onto WCW. He left, jumped ship, without telling anyone. So Vince came to me and said, ‘King, can you help me out and do color commentary tonight, and by next week I’ll find somebody else to do it full time.’ So I agreed, and I’ve been there ever since.”

On the origin of his infamous “puppies” line: “I actually got to give credit to a guy who I think will be returning on the 1,000th episode”. “It was a member of DX, Road Dogg [Jesse] James. I believe he was talking to Sable at the time. DX was in the ring, and Sable was in the ring, and somehow I believe Road Dogg said, ‘Hey, show us your puppies.’ It kind of floated by. No big deal at that point and time, but then I started using the word a couple of weeks later, and it just stuck.”

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