Incident with CM Punk, fan at the St. Louis airport

According to a report by The Wrestling Observer, an incident took place at the St. Louis airport involving WWE Champion CM Punk and a wrestling fan seeking an autograph. Punk turned down the request for an autograph from the fan and it is believed the fan was very rude in his approach to Punk. Another fan reportedly yelled at Punk causing a scene at the airport. Punk ended up throwing the fans autograph book in a garbage can. Airport police then got involved with Punk looking noticeably “annoyed at having his time wasted.”

Punk spoke out the incident on Twitter last night.

“Unacceptable behavior. This is for all the respectful fans I saw at the airport. Right on. Thanks.”

Punk also retweeted comments by Ricardo Rodriguez on Twitter as well.

“Man, you guys seriously go from fan mode to creepy mode to psycho mode sometimes.. #StLouis. And that one person ruins it for everyone else most of the times. #StLouis.”