The Eighth Edition Of “Noonan Speaks” On Monday Night Mayhem: Former WWE Head Of Security, Jimmy Noonan, Shoots On The “Hulkamania” Tour In Australia & Why Hulk Hogan Could Become “The Anna Nicole Smith Of Wrestling” If He Keeps Up His Current Behavior, Why Shane McMahon Is The Only Person To Be Able To Successfully Challenge His Father, & Why Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Future Is In The Movie Industry (Despite His Recent Comments About Wanting To Work With The WWE In 2010)


Former WWE Head Of Security & one of the stars of the blockbuster motion picture, turned DVD cult-classic, “Super Troopers,” Jimmy Noonan, was one of the special guests on this week’s live edition (11/23/09) of Monday Night Mayhem (presented by, hosted by The Big Mosh, Blade, & “The Chairman Of The Board” Todd Vincent. You can feel The Mayhem live & in streaming audio every Monday night (at 8PM ET/7PM CT), exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (,,, &

Mayhem Nation: Get ready for the continuation in the evolution of The Mayhem. Throughout the past four months, we have promised that the wrestling world was going to change & that people would take notice. Well, he’s back! Monday Night Mayhem is proud to present the eighth edition of the critically-acclaimed “Noonan Speaks.” Jimmy’s return to The Mayhem (as part of “A Very Mayhem Thanksgiving”/MNM’s “Fall Tour ’09”) is now available for free in Windows Streaming Media, or via The Mayhem’s official Podcast on ITunes:

The return of “Noonan Speaks” (MNM Streaming Audio):

The return of “Noonan Speaks” (MNM Podcast On ITunes):

Here are some of the highlights of the latest installment of “Noonan Speaks,” provided by The Mayhem’s official correspondent, Paterson From New Jersey:

Former WWE Head Of Security, Jimmy Noonan, was welcomed back to The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network by The Big Mosh, Blade, & “The Chairman Of The Board” Todd Vincent. The talk of many wrestling circles & water coolers leading into the Thanksgiving holiday was that Shane McMahon was seen in Las Vegas, NV at the UFC offices in what many are saying was a meeting with Dana White, along with former WWE Canada President, Carl DeMarco. There has been no official statement from either party to this point, other than White replying with “You never know” prior to the UFC 106 Pay-Per-View. Before the speculation became widespread, you heard Jimmy’s analysis on the situation exclusively on “Noonan Speaks” & MNM…which could very well appear to be dead on-target. “What did I say a few weeks ago? One of the things I said was watch this name, Dana White. And it looks like it might be coming to fruition. But here’s the thing, everyone thinks Dana & Shane are getting together for Shane to go to UFC & create something with UFC. Maybe this is all a diversion, maybe Dana White is going to work with Shane on another wrestling organization. Maybe it’s not about UFC…maybe it’s about a competing wrestling organization. And we all agreed a few weeks ago that there is only one person that could compete with Vince McMahon…and it’s his son Shane.”

Former WWE Champion, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, made some comments in the media over the past week as part of his “Planet 51” media tour, saying that he was open for a return to the WWE beyond just guest-hosting a forthcoming edition of Monday Night RAW. With “the most-electrifying man in sports-entertainment” now appearing to make a more defined commitment with the WWE, Jimmy was asked by The Mayhem Crew for his candid comments about “The Rock” & whether he sees a return in the his future. “No, he would have to really get involved to prove me wrong. A few entertainment publications have c lassified ‘Planet 51’ (Johnson’s new movie) as a bomb. Now I have been in the wrestling business, but I have also been a member of the Screen Actors Guild since 1988. I know what these people are about. He is an actor now, he is not a wrestler. That is where his future is, and that’s where he is making his big, big money right now. He will be involved in the WWE as much as it can cross-promote his movie stuff & his other ventures. He is done with wrestling, and he has been very clear that he is done with wrestling.”

The “Hulkamania” tour of Australia (which has been met with mixed reviews) has begun to wind down, with the final leg of the tour taking place this weekend in Sydney. The former Mr. Kennedy (Ken Anderson) was referred to some as being “out of shape,” several of the matches from those in attendance have been called “bad,” & ticket sales gave been strong…but not was initially expected. However, the tour received immense mainstream media attention (including last week, with some even thinking that Hogan being bloodied at his pre-event press conference was real. Jimmy, who has spent time with “The Hulkster” during his return to the WWE leading into WrestleMania X-8 weighed in on his opinions on the build-up to “Hulkamania” & if it has delivered so far. “First of all the apparent “shoot” press conferences between Flair & Hogan…that was a little stroke of brilliance on their parts. We know it was storyline, and neither Hogan or Flair needs to explain.” He went onto say, “I did say a few weeks ago that nobody cared. Now 7-8,000 people, anyone would say that is a large & healthy audience. I was at both of those venues, and those places are huge. However, 7-8,000 people is terrific. He is Hulk Hogan, he is going to attract a crowd. He is Ric Flair, and he is going to attract a crowd. However, are we talking about tarping the house? Are we talking two-for-one tickets? Are we talking about discounted tickets? I did see some reports that some of the tickets were very highly-discounted. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good-sized crowd, but how much money did they make.” On a prior installment of “Noonan Speaks” prior to Hulk heading to “the land down under,” Jimmy referred to Hogan as “the Anna Nicole Smith of wrestling.” This quote received major buzz amongst wrestling journalists & fans alike, and Jimmy wished to clarify his statement & offer an updated/corrected version of how he sees Hogan’s picture right now heading into the end of the year. “After some thought, I want to apologize about that, and that it was unfair. What I should have said was that if he keeps up his current behavior & antics, he will become ‘the Anna Nicole Smith of wrestling,’ but as far as him being that now…that was unfair.”

Mayhem Nation: Mark your calendars, as Jimmy returns to the program leading into the yuletide holiday season (on December 7th) to make some more noise, as The Mayhem’s “Fall Tour ’09” nears its epic conclusion! In the meanwhile, be sure to submit your questions & comments for Jimmy to the MNM/Sizzlin’ Sauces inbox (located at, in addition to The Mayhem’s official MySpace & Facebook pages ( & Jimmy would love to hear some suggestions for future editions of “Noonan Speaks,” including which of your favorite WWE superstars & divas you would like for him to discuss his fondest memories of, as well as his best stories working with throughout his career in World Wrestling Entertainment. Log on to Jimmy’s official Facebook & MySpace pages (located respectively at &, and interact with the man who’s truly the talk of The Mayhem airwaves!

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