Localbozo.com is featuring an interview with WWE star Chris Jericho where he talks about having the opportunity to step away from wrestling and WWE with outside projects involving his band Fozzy.

“The people that are stepping away are ones that have been there for years and years and years. It’s a grueling schedule- physically, mentally. Traveling is hard. It’s good to know that you have these other options and you have to explore them. For me, I wrestled for 15 years straight every day, left for a couple years, came back for another three years, wrestled straight every day almost, and then, you know, left for awhile, came back for nine months. As you get older, I think that’s a good schedule. I’ve kind of built up my status in the WWE where I can do that. Not everybody can, but you know, you look at guys like The Rock or… You know the thing is when Rock came back, he just comes back for once or twice, I came back and did every show. I was in Abilene, Texas working house shows as well as working Madison Square Garden. I didn’t pick and choose my spots. I came back for nine months and that’s the way I’ll always be. I like doing the whole cycle and if I came back for a month, I’d still do as many house show matches, not just do TVs and pay per views. So, you know, for me I like doing it. Like I said, I’ve been playing with Fozzy since 2000 and I’ve been playing in bands since I was 12, so it’s not a matter of making this choice, it’s who I am and it’s just what I do at this point. So from this point forward that’ll be how I work WWE. I’ll just be coming in and out when I have openings in my schedule, but when I come in, I’ll make sure to give 1000% and do as many shows as I can in that timeframe.”