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It was last November when CM Punk defeated Alberto Del Rio at Survivor Series in Madison Square Garden to become WWE Champion. In a promo shortly after his victory, Punk declared the days of the hot potato title changes were over. He wasn’t kidding. Here we are in August, and Punk has yet to drop the strap. Del Rio, Miz, Ziggler, Jericho, Bryan, and Kane are just some of the names Punk has gone through. No championship reign can last forever. Punk’s days as champion are numbered. The question is not if he will lose the title, but who will beat him. asked that very question to its loyal readers in a recent poll. The results of that poll are as follows:

Who will unseat CM Punk for the WWE Championship?

Big Show 2.21% (114 votes)
Brock Lesnar 5.44% (281 votes)
Cody Rhodes 1.41% (73 votes)
Daniel Bryan 5.43% (280 votes)
Dolph Ziggler 8.04% (415 votes)
John Cena 25.73% (1,328 votes)
The Rock 33.37% (1,722 votes)
Other 18.37% (948 votes)

Total votes cast: 5,161

When voting began, the main event between John Cena and CM Punk had been announced for Monday Night Raw’s 1,000 episode. Cena quickly took over the poll, but then July 23rd came. On that night, Cena failed to defeat Punk for the gold, and The Rock announced he would be facing the WWE Champion at the 2012 Royal Rumble. This was all topped off when Punk attacked Rock to end the show. Voting quickly moved in Rock’s direction and he easily took this poll from Cena. If Punk does hold the title until the Rumble, it would make sense to have Rock defeat him, and then have Rock lose to Cena at Wrestlemania. That is just one route of many the company could take.

Keep in mind the Punk will have to hold the title another six months to get to the Rumble. While it could happen, he would need to remain a compelling champion until then, something he hasn’t always been in the last several months. Cena gets another shot at Punk at Summerslam, and perhaps even at Night of Champions when the September pay per view takes place in Boston. Cena may still have a chance to unseat Punk, even if it is a temporary title swap.

The Other category was a popular one, especially in the early voting. Comments suggested Rey Mysterio as a candidate to unseat Punk. It could very well be that those voting for Other simply do not want to see Punk drop the strap just yet. Or it could be that the one to dethrone Punk has yet to come along.

Dolph Ziggler’s Money in the Bank briefcase guarantees him a shot at the World Championship, but he is also a past opponent of Punk’s, and his rise to the main event picture is inevitable. Brock Lesnar, who seemed like a perfect fit to end Punk’s reign when he returned to WWE in April, but his schedule and creative direction do not line him up for a title run at this time. Daniel Bryan has been a go-to challenger in the past few months, but he has used to build Punk’s run, not end it. Like Cena, Big Show also has another title shot coming at Summerslam. There is no promise that any of these men will defeat Punk and then have a long title run themselves. They could end up as a transitional champion, but nevertheless unseat the Straight Edge Superstar.

Thanks to all those who voted. Make sure you cast your vote now in the current Wrestleview poll asking if Monday Night Raw will make it to episode 2,000.

Matt O’Brien