Wrestlingrambles.com is featuring a recap of a Q and A session with WWE Champion CM Punk at Wizard World in Chicago this past weekend. Here are some highlights.

Punk said his favorite match against Daniel Bryan was from Over the Limit 2012.

In regards to recent comments by Kevin Nash about him and smaller wrestlers, Punk said it is Nash’s opinion and you can’t hate someone just because you don’t agree with them.

On JTG’s rant on Twitter, Punk said if JTG has a problem with something he should have talked to Vince McMahon or someone backstage instead of going off on Twitter. He added that while his “pipe bomb” promo was a public rant like jTG, everything he said were things he has been saying to Vince for months.

When asked about the “pipe bomb” promo and if he still feels the same way, Punk said it is different now because he is a lot less pissed off.

Punk said he would prefer to face The Rock at Wrestlemania.

He said it is unlikely he will face “Stone Cold” Steve Austin anytime soon because Austin just had knee surgery. Punk added the match would only happen if Austin wants it to happen.

He revealed his new DVD will be shown to the public at a theater in Chicago two days before it is released.

When asked if Colt Cabana wants to get a deal again with WWE, Punk said he he isn’t sure as they don’t talk wrestling much when they hang out.

Punk said he was originally going to get the lead role in The Marine 3, but the shooting schedule conflicted with the WWE European tour. He said the role went to someone in WWE the fans wouldn’t care so much if they were gone.

When asked if he could work with anyone today, he said it would be Samoa Joe. He was also asked who he would work with from an independent company. Punk once again said Samoa Joe. When the fan said Joe works for TNA Punk added, “I know. You said indy didn’t you?”

He talked about turning 34 in a few months and didn’t want to be wrestling in his 40’s like Triple H and The Undertaker. Punk added he wouldn’t reveal when he wants to retire because the answer would “depress the hell out of everyone.”

He discussed the new design for the WWE Championship and that he helped to create it. Punk said it could debut at Summerslam or at the next PPV after that in Boston.