Tiffany Youngblood sent this in.

It was announced to the live crowd in Dallas today during RAW that WWE will be returning to Dallas for RAW on February 25th. They have an internet only presale going through this Friday for tickets using presale code ‘DFWRTV’.

Tickets can be purchased using this link:

After RAW went off air, Big Show came out talking about how what we just saw was an example of an superior athlete destroying an imperior athlete. He said that’s what it’s going to be like this Sunday, with Cena and Punk being inferior to him. He also said he was from Miami, which we all know is the city of champions. Cena then came out and after a failed AA attempt and a few minutes of fighting, Cena hit the AA on Big Show. Cena ended the night with a promo about Dallas being the city to champions, pointing to the Mavericks championship banners. Crowd was very awesome and there were lots of “Dallas wants WrestleMania” signs. One guy even had a petition sign that he was having people sign outside in line stating “We Want MANIA”.