is featuring an interview with WWE star Brodus Clay where he talks about first getting a look from the company after being around WWE talent including Tommy Dreamer.

“Ironically, when Wrestlemania came to Los Angeles I was the head of security, a bodyguard for the Saddle Ranch at Universal. I had a whole security crew out there and we ran a pretty big chop house/nightclub and the wrestlers were in town. I had always been a huge fan, probably a little obsessive about it when I was younger, but when I saw Tommy Dreamer and some of the guys there, I immediately took care of them.

We have this huge stage where all the girls dance and stuff and it’s crazy, like 1,300 people. I put all the wrestlers up on the stage where no one would bother them and brought all their food and stuff for them ’cause I was excited that they were there and unfortunately for me — or fortunately I should say — a fight broke out with two of the tiniest ‘unathletic’ guys. I walked over to them and I tried to break them up and one of them hit me in the arm. It was hilarious. I just looked at him like, are you nuts? I grabbed them both by the back of the pants like children and carried them out like that. I guess the way I did it had some flare and a little bit of charisma and Tommy Dreamer said you should be doing that on TV. I made a joke like you guys aren’t hiring and he’s like we’ll see about that. …

Maybe three months later I was driving in my car and I got a call saying you’ve got a tryout in Georgia and I was like, what? I almost hung up on him. A tryout? So I went down there and I met Bill DeMott and Jody Hamilton (trainers) at Deep South (Wrestling). I had a tryout and it was horrible, but they liked the fact I had a don’t-give-up attitude and I just kept trying to figure it out. They brought me back and they signed me, so I was at Deep South for a little while and then I moved over to FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling).”