Saturday Morning Slam Results – 8/25/12

WWE Saturday Morning Slam (debut show)
August 25, 2012
Report by: Jason Namako of

Hello everyone and welcome to the debut recap for the newest WWE show, Saturday Morning Slam. If you all are ready, then let’s get to the show!

We see an intro video for the show, then hear Scott Stanford on the voiceover side of things as this week, Kofi Kingston will be in action against Heath Slater.

First off, we are heading to Planet Funk as part of this week’s “Saturday Morning Spotlight”.

We see a highlight package on Brodus Clay, who talks about the Funkadacyls, the Funkateers & when was the last time he called his momma.

We now are in Planet Funk as Brodus Clay brings in the Funkadacyls to teach the viewing audience how to get funky.

We now go to the “Video Vault”, where we look at past WWE superstars who knew how to get down, including 2 Cold Scorpio, Rikishi, The Disco Inferno, Too Cool & The Junkyard Dog.

Now, we go to the segment known as the “3rd Degree”, where a question is asked to the WWE Superstars. This week’s question is: “What’s your favorite Olympic sport?”

  • JTG: Female Gymastics
  • Cody Rhodes: Freestyle Wrestling
  • Jack Swagger: Any sport involving women
  • Heath Slater: Basketball or Boxing
  • The Miz: Both versions of gymstatics
  • Natalya: Female Gymnastics
  • Brodus Clay: Weightlifting


    Back from commercial, Santino Marella is introduced as he will be guest commenating alongside Josh Mathews for this week’s match.

    WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston vs. “The 1 Man Band” Heath Slater

    Kofi wants a handshake, but Slater slaps his hand away. Slater takes Kofi down from a lock-up and taunts Kofi with his air guitar. Crowd chants for Kofi as its now he who takes Slater down off a lock-up and then does a little boom clap. Slater charges, but Kofi with an armdrag into an armbar. Slater counters into a wristlock, then into an armbar, followed by taking Kofi down. Slater then pulls at Kofi’s trunks to take Kofi down again. Crowd wills on Kofi as he kips up and takes Slater down with another armdrag. Kofi then with yet another armdrag back into the armbar. Slater backs Kofi into the corner and hits a gut shot. Corner whip by Slater and he tries for a monkey flip, but Kofi lands on his feet as Slater taunts the crowd. Kofi then hits his own monkey flip on Slater. Kofi with yet another armdrag for a nearfall, then goes right back to the armbar. Kofi reverses an Irish whip by Slater and then proceeds to criss-cross Slater before putting on the brakes, although Slater is still running the ropes while Kofi looks on. Slater is clutching his stomach and is asking for a drink of water, but then Kofi with a hiptoss. Kofi goes back to the arm, but Slater gets to the ropes. Slater sends Kofi out to the outside, then sends him back into the ring. Slater goes to the apron, but Kofi kicks out his legs, sending Slater face first onto the apron. Kofi with another boom clap playing to the crowd as we go to commercial.


    Back from commercial as Kofi has Slater in a keylock. Kofi reverses a corner whip by Slater, then lands on his feet off a backdrop attempt. Kofi heads up top and goes for a crossbody, but there is no one there as Slater ducks out of the way, causing Kofi to crash and burn.

    Slater gains a pair of nearfalls, then hooks Kofi in a seated abdominal stretch as the crowd wills on Kofi. Slater then with a slam, followed by playing some more air guitar. Slater tries to send Kofi over the ropes, but Kofi lands on the apron. Kofi with a shoulder to the gut off a Slater charge in, followed by a Sunset flip back in for a nearfall. Slater comes back by sending Kofi sternum first into the corner for a nearfall. Slater goes to a standing version of the abdominal stretch as the crowd continues to will on Kofi. Slater grabs onto the ropes, but breaks when the ref goes to check him. The third time is not the charm as finally the ref catches Slater in the act, allowing Kofi to hiptoss his way out.

    Kofi with a double chop, followed by the Boom Drop. Kofi with the Boom Clap, but Slater ducks when Kofi tries for the Trouble in Paradise. Slater charges, but misses an avlanche in the corner as Kofi moved out of the way.

    Kofi heads back up top and this time hits the crossbody for the victory.

    Winner: WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston by pinfall (Top Rope Crossbody)

    Kofi celebrates his victory as we go to commercial.


    Back from commercial, we see video of a recent “Be A Star” rally event at the Boys & Girls Club in St. Louis, Missouri where the Miz & Sheamus made an apperance.

    We close things this week with the Summerslam music video performed by the WWE Superstars as we go to credits.

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