WWE Saturday Morning Slam
September 1, 2012
Report by: Rocky Jimenez of Wrestleview.com

Good Morning Ponyville!!! … Oh crud, wrong show notes… Bear with me, recapping on a Saturday morning isn’t a normal thing for me… Aha! Here we are…


Wrestling world, time to rub those eyes open, grab your Kix cereal, and turn on The CW, as WWE presents its latest innovation in family entertainment, Saturday Morning Slam!
Now, before I go on, let me explain why I decided to recap this show. The main reason is because, in between charging my tablet and saving videos for NWA Top Of Texas, I have literally nothing to do on Saturday mornings. I spend them watching Netflix or playing WWF No Mercy, but that kinda gets old after a while. Then I saw the announcement for this show, and I figured, “Hey, if Mike Tedesco and David Stephens can recap the main shows, I should be able to handle a mere Saturday morning show, right?” So, I embarked on my journey here. Anyways, let us proceed to this week’s to WWE SatMor SLAM!

Scott Stamford welcomes us to a special signature edition of Slam, as we will look at the some of the autographs that have been produced in WWE. Also, “He’s no fossil” as Brodus Clay will be in ring action this morning, and we will get a special look at the 619 from Rey Mysterio in this week’s Saturday Morning Spotlight!

The Rock asks us if we can smell what he’s cooking, and to Scott, it smells like catchphrases, with a hint of bacon. We start off with The Fave Five, a segment that looks at WWE’s favorite 5 moments in sports entertainment. This week is all about catchphrases in WWE, and we start off with a big one!

1. The Rock’s “If You Smell What The Rock Is Cooking!”
2. Ric Flair’s “Wooooo!”
3. The Miz’s “Awesome!”
4. John Cena’s “You Can’t See Me!”
5. Stone Cold’s “And Thats The Bottom Line Cause Stone Cold Said So!” (With some “What?” mixed in)

We get a history lesson about John Hancock, and that’s the segway into a segment about WWE signatures. Dolph Ziggler mentions that when he is asked to sign something, it makes the dream of being a WWE Superstar that much more of a reality. Supposedly Kofi Kingston was always told his cursive looked a lot like chicken scratch, but he thinks it’s pretty cool to have people asking for his autograph. Miz says that people ask him whose signature he would like, but his response is that he is pretty glad to see himself in the mirror every day. All of the superstars are asked what the weirdest thing they have ever signed is. Derrick Bateman says it was a prosthetic leg. Kofi mentions an old dirty sneaker. Dolph says that his was signing a little kid. Layla has signed everything from casts to cell phone covers.

“A-Ry” Alex Riley wants to quiz us on WWE History in a Pop Quiz! Here is this week’s question…

On March 26th, 2001, who beat Vince McMahon to the punch and signed on the dotted line to become the new owner of WCW?

A. Stephanie McMahon
B. Shane McMahon
C. Triple H

The answer will be later in the broadcast!


It’s time to call yo momma, because it’s time for our weekly match! Santino, who they are now finally calling the former US Champion (last week he still had the belt, though he lost it the week prior to Cesaro or however they spell Claudio Castagnoli these days).

“The Funkasaurus” Brodus Clay VS “The Party Starter” Curt Hawkins

Lock up and Brodus easily tosses him aside. Curt goes to the back, but Brodus butt bumps Hawkins away. Curt goes back to the back, but more gyrations from Brodus breaks it up again. Hawkins then asks for music. None plays, but he begins to dance anyways. Santino mentions that Curt’s dancing is making him feel sad. Brodus begins to laugh. Hawkins hits the rope, but Brodus just shoulder tackles him to the outside. Curt stumbles over to the announce table, and The Cobra hisses at Curt, causing him to jump onto the ring apron, which allows Clay to toss him back into the ring. Brodus picks Hawkins up, and goes for the airplane spin. Curt falls back outside, obviously super dizzy.


Before we get back to in ring action, it’s Kofi Kingston in the empty arena with a “Don’t Try This” spot.

Back to in ring action, and Brodus is in the middle of a bear hug, but Curt is able to fight out of it and goes after the injured leg of Clay. Curt quickly dances, and continues his assault of the leg. Clay tries to get to the ropes, but Curt continues to attack the leg, but Clay pushes him over the ropes. As Curt gets back in the ring, he gets a pair of bodyslams from Clay. Clay with a whip into the corner, but Curt is able to go up and over Clay. Curt runs over to do the same from the opposite corner, but turns into Clay giving him a huge suplex into the middle of the ring. A big splash and this one is over.

WINNER VIA PINFALL – “The Funkasaurus” Brodus Clay

Afterwards, Brodus calls Santino into the ring to dance with him and The Funkateers. Which Santino takes said offer!


By the way, the answer to the Pop Quiz was Shane McMahon! Smiley face stickers for everyone! Scott Stamford didn’t know this, so he obviously doesn’t remember The Invasion (But, do you blame him? I know I wasn’t too thrilled with The Invasion angle).

Next week, Damien Sandow will be the teacher next week! Superstars will try and face off with the Intellectual Savior of The Masses!


Rey Mysterio says the name is a variation of Austin 3:16.

He says he helped put 619 on the map by debuting the move in his first match in WWE! He then gives us a full demonstration of The 619 in front of the crowd from the SummerSlam Axcess program to close our show!


So, this week was a little more fun than last week. I love the commentary team of Santino and Josh Mathews on a Saturday morning kids wrestling show. Brodus and Hawkins put on a fun match. The Fave Five was awesome, as those were the main catch phrases in WWE’s history. The only thing that confused me was Rey showing off The 619. Sure, I know it was so the kids could pop, but he gave a step-by-step instruction guide on how to do said move. I know he later says don’t try this, but this is one of those things WWE may want to look at when the tape segments for this show.

However you look at it, I enjoyed the show. Now, if you will excuse me, My Little Pony is airing “The Cutie Mark Chronicles”, and that is one of my favorite episodes. Have a fun week every pony!

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