JBL comments on returning to the announce table

JBL posted the following on Facebook:

“Had a blast filling in for Jerry Lawler last night at Night of Champions, really rusty-but was wonderful to be back.

I’m off to Africa Friday to climb the highest peak, Kilimanjaro, to raise money for the kids program I started in Bermuda-working with great folks there to make a difference.

I was asked Thursday (or Wed night, not sure) this week to do the PPV last night for Jerry. Was honored to do so. Jerry and I share a birthday with our mutual friend Dutch Mantell, always had a running joke about that with Dutch-never thought I would fill in for Jerry.

I am trying to be the 349th person (at least by last records that I have seen) to climb all Seven Summits-the highest mountain on all seven continents. Thanks to WWE 100% of money raised goes to the kids.

My goal is to plant a WWE flag on all the summits with Mt Everest being last in 2014. Don’t know if I will make it, but I plan on trying-just as I tell my kids I work with that they must do. I’m trying to lead by example.

I weigh 245 pounds, lowest since I was 20 years old, been training hard and in best shape (at least cardio wise) I have ever been.

Long story short, I didn’t plan on filling in for Jerry and I am sure he didn’t plan on having a heart attack. I wish him well as he is a good friend. And, that’s his spot-not mine. I was asked to fill in and I did.

Long term, I don’t know what is the future other than my climbs and my kids program in Bermuda. www.SevenSummitsforKids.com is the place you can see what I am talking about-though it is not as updated as I would like.

I love the WWE, I will always consider it home and if they need me to fill in or come back to do something, I have always been open to that. We both have never discussed it as they never had a need and since they didn’t have a need, I never reached out.

I thought there were some fantastic performances last night, really enjoyed being there watching this crew put on a great PPV. I was VERY rusty, especially at times-but had a blast.

Get well soon Jerry!”