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PPV: WWE Survivor Series (November 22)
Written by: Anthony J. Valvo
Predictions by: staff and readers

Students, this needed to be done. Mr. V is taking a long deserved vacation this weekend. No fear though, as I will still post the predictions and the records. So relax, and enjoy. No intros, fillers, or the usual Mr. V format. Consider this the basic package this weekend.

I am sure I am not the only columnist that will say this, but The Faculty wishes all of our students the very best and safe Thanksgiving vacation.

So, after the recent PPV (Turning Point), here are the current standings.

Actually, this might be the ONLY time I use this excuse, but it is this:

(I left it at home).

Don?t have the standings in front of me, but I know the standings without the records:

1) Jose Marrero
2) Joe Baiamonte
3) Josh Boutwell
4) David Stephens
5) WrestleView Students (tied with David)
6) Anthony Valvo
7) Josh Piedra
8) Mike Siciliano
9) Matt O?Brien
10) Chris Kelly
11) Phil Chroniger
12) Doug Lackey
13) Sean Hurley
14) Mike Tedesco
15) Mike Klubnik
16) Ryan Droste

To see Prof. Silciliano’s in-depth reasoning for his predictions, be sure to check out Pro’s From the Palace #351.

I know for a fact that ?Dean? Jose Marrero has a 2.5 win lead over Professor Baiamonte, just in case you all wanted to know.

Absent this week are the following: Joe Baiamonte (which may arrive late), Mike Klubnik, and Ryan Droste

Non-Title Match
Batista vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr.

Jose M. ? Misterio does need knee surgery and he needs it pretty soon I would not be surprised to see Rey get a DQ win here except Batista hasn’t won a PPV match since returning to action. Give the match to BATISTA.

Josh B. ? BATISTA. Rey’s knee is supposedly banged up again so I’m going with Botchtista on this one. Though I like this feud and would like to it to continue Rey obviously is hurt and needs time off again which sucks because he is my 2009 WWE MVP.


Anthony V. ? First off, this feud and heel turn is the best thing right now for Batista. I am going to pick REY MYSTERIO to win by disqualification here, but I truly think that Batista will be the one standing after he ends up putting Rey on stretcher. My reason for the Rey via DQ logic? The PPV is in Washington, DC and we should keep in mind the recent trend of wins and losses when a wrestler performs in his hometown.

Josh P. ? The winner will depend on where they go with this feud and their plans with Batista. Right now, they are trying to set up Batista for a heel run and he needs this win in order to make it successful. BATISTA

Mike S. ? BATISTA.

Matt O. ? I gotta say REY for this one by some rollup or DQ. Batista will get the win next month.


Phil C. – BATISTA…and it should be a murderous bloodbath.

Doug L. ? REY via DQ after Batista reenacts a scene from ‘Oz’. Remember the opening to ‘Jurassic Park’ where the cow is lowered into the cage housing the T-Rex? Yeah… that’s what I fear too…


Mike T. ? REY MYSTERIO pulls the upset.

Consensus: PUSH. Rey Mysterio and Batista each received six votes.

**Survivor Series Format Matches**

Team Mickie James (Mickie James, Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly, Melina, and Gail Kim)
Team Michelle McCool (Michelle McCool, Layla El, Jillian Hall, Alicia Fox, and Beth Phoenix)

Jose M. ? Heel women went over last month which means TEAM MICKIE goes over this month.

Josh B. ? TEAM MICKIE. Thickie’s team gets the win.


Anthony V. ? There is actually more tension on the SD brand, with Beth wanting that Women’s Title and McCool and Layla (instead of the pig, they should have put an ?Arby’s hat logo? on top of Mickie’s head) copying ?The Beautiful People? shtick on Mickie James. My predicition comes down to TEAM MICKIE winning this contest with Melina and Mickie surviving.

Josh P. ? Ugh.. I hate this “throw the dart” matches because that’s all that women’s matches in the WWE really are most of the time. I’ll go with TEAM MICHELLE.


Matt O. ? MICKIE is so fine.



Doug L. ? TEAM MICKIE via internal combustion within McCool’s squad. I know the feud is supposed to be between her and Mickie… but I have a sinking feeling that The Glamazon is gonna’ get clocked accidentally by McCool and all cat-like hell breaks loose.


Mike T. ? TEAM MICKIE. Oink.

Consensus: TEAM MICKIE JAMES 10; Team Michelle McCool 2.

Team Morrison (John Morrison, Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne, Shelton Benjamin, and Finlay)
Team Miz (The Miz, Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, and Jack Swagger)

Jose M. ? I feel like with WWE they always book even which is why I picked the way I did with the womens match and which is why I will pick TEAM MORRISON here since Morrison lost to Miz at Bragging Rights I can’t see him doing the honors two PPV’s in a row.

Josh B. ? TEAM MORRISON. Morrison gets revenge on The Miz.


Anthony V. ? I am crossing my fingers for a TLC match involving Miz and Morrison next month to end this best-of-three PPV contests, though I know it is highly doubtful. For that along, I am picking TEAM MORRISON to win this match against the team captained by The Miz. Who surivies? I say only John Morrison survives this one.

Josh P. ? Survivor Series matches are usually about star power… in this case, it’s incredibly balanced, making a winner hard to choose.. it’s another throw the dart situation… I’ll go with TEAM MORRISON because Miz went over at Bragging Rights and now I think it’s Morrison’s turn to return the favor.


Matt O. ? I want to say Miz, but I’ll go with MORRISON?S team.


Phil C. ? TEAM MIZ.

Doug L. ? TEAM MIZ via just a hunch. I’m really curious to see how Sheamus and McIntyre fare in this bout. BTW – Someone do some research… when was the last time Shelton was in a PPV?! Welcome back, goldilocks!

Sean H. ? TEAM MIZ.

Mike T. ? TEAM MORRISON. Miz got the upper hand at Bragging Rights.

Consensus: TEAM JOHN MORRISON 9; Team Miz 3.

Team Kingston (Kofi Kingston, MVP, Mark Henry, R-Truth, and Christian)
Team Orton (Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase Jr, CM Punk, and William Regal)

Jose M. ? Randy Orton has never lost a survivor series match and has always been the sole survivor in these elimination matches. See the same thing occurring here TEAM ORTON gets the win.

Josh B. ? TEAM ORTON. Orton’s team gets the win with Punk being the lone survivor.

David S. ? TEAM ORTON.

Anthony V. ? TEAM ORTON comes out on top in this one. I listened to JJ Sexay’s pick and actually agree with the man (gold star for you next week). Orton’s team is more loaded than one can think. I see some cheat tactics involving all members of Team Orton, which will help them win this matchup. I say Orton and/or Punk survive. Also, Kofi Kingston will do something mad crazy during this contest.
Josh P. ? I believe this one is going to be TEAM ORTON just for the sake of continuing the Kingston/Orton storyline. Something needs to happen here to give Orton an upper hand after he got his butt handed to him in Madison Square Garden.


Matt O. ? KINGSTON?S guys.

Chris K. ? TEAM ORTON.

Phil C. ? TEAM KINGSTON, and Kofi will pin Orton.

Doug L. ? TEAM ORTON via Lincoln Memorial-sized schmoz. Kofi and Orton will wail on each other throughout the match, while inside we’ll see Henry or MVP take the fall to anyone of the four who are left from Orton’s squad.


Mike T. – I’m thinking TEAM ORTON pulls it out this time.

Consensus: TEAM ORTON 10; Team Kofi Kingston 2.

Championship Matches (Both are triple threat)

The Undertaker (c) vs. Chris Jericho vs. The Big Show

Jose M. ? Ordinarily I would like to pick Taker but Chris Jericho and Big Show have been doing a lot of jobs lately plus next month is a TLC themed PPV and I don’t see Undertaker competing in a TLC match as a champion so I am going to give this match to CHRIS JERICHO.

Josh B. ? JERICHO. Like JJ Sexay said on WNL this week can Taker really be in a TLC Match next month with the way he’s banged up right now? Hell naw.

David S. ? JERICHO.

Anthony V. ? There is a lot of talk around here that Jericho will win this title. I don?t buy that yet. UNDERTAKER wins at Survivor Series after we see some JeriShow turmoil.

Josh P. ? Unless we are going to get swerved by Jerishow putting aside their differences, I don’t see either of them winning the title due to their egos getting in the way. It’s the classic WWE formula for a triple threat. UNDERTAKER.


Matt O. ? I’m going with BIG SHOW! Jericho will have a quiet jealousy of Show and “accidentally” cost him the title down the road.


Phil C. ? TAKER.

Doug L. ? JERICHO via the only one mobile enough to climb a ladder. Does anyone see ‘Taker or ‘Show defending this title next month in a TLC match? I sure don’t. What’s more, I see them feuding while we see ANOTHER triple threat next month… throw Bats and Rey in there for a mixture of cluster. and furniture moving.

Sean H. ? TAKER.

Mike T. – I’m pulling for Undertaker here but I believe the win is going to JERICHO.

Consensus: THE UNDERTAKER 6; Chris Jericho 5; The Big Show 1.

John Cena (c) vs. HHH vs. Shawn Michaels

Jose M. ? Title has changed hands at 3 straight PPV’s 4 is definitely not the charm CENA retains.

Josh B. ? CENA. Superman wins again, joy (insert sarcasm).

David S. ? JOHN CENA.

Anthony V. ? I will never bet against Superman in a Pay-Per-View. The only times Cena lost a PPV this year would be when he takes the craziest bumps in the entire match. I am probably wrong about this, but I am still sticking with CENA to retain his title over Degeneration X.
Josh P. ? Now this one is a very hard match to predict. HHH stated that whoever gets the belt in DX, they’ll be happy because DX will have possesion of the world title, but do you think when it comes down to it that it will be that simple? I’m thinking that John Cena squeaks by after a miscommunication between HBK and HHH leaves one of them open for their downfall. This might also be a good time to turn HHH heel again and break up DX. JOHN CENA.

Mike S. ? JOHN CENA.

Matt O. ? CENA. After passing the belt around so much lately, a show without a WWE Championship title change feels underwhelming, but Cena will walk out with the title.

Chris K. ? JOHN CENA.

Phil C. – Unexpected Upset Alert! HBK wins.

Doug L. ? HHH via questions I’m sure Creative is asking right now. How do we get the strap back on Orton, or at least get him back into the mix after helping Kofi? How do we begin the build for the WM26 main event? This is the first step…

Sean H. ? CENA.

Mike T. ? JOHN CENA retains the title.

Consensus: JOHN CENA 10; Triple H 1; Shawn Micheals 1.

Well, that wraps up an abbreviated version of Predictions from the Faculty. As always if you have a set of predictions you want to make, send them over here at We wish you all well in this Thanksgiving season and until the latest Pay-Per-View, you are all DISMISSED!

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