WWE Saturday Morning Slam
October 6, 2012
Report by: Rocky Jimenez of Wrestleview.com

Rub the dust out your eyes, get on your favorite slippers, grab an Egg McMuffin (or not, and save that money and become a member of the WrestleView VIP), and plant your seat in front of The Vortex on CW, because it’s time for another edition of WWE SatMor SLAM!

Josh Mathews welcomes us to the crowd, as Rey Mysterio makes is way to the ring. Santino is back in the commentary booth, as we kick off this week with The WWE’ Underdog facing off against The Genesis!

Rey Mysterio vs. Michael McGillicutty

Michael is not impressed with the masked man, calling him short and taunting his size. They lock up, ad McGillicutty gets Rey into the corner, but pats his head, and gets on his knees and taunts Rey again. They lock horns again, and Rey pushes Michael off the ropes, but McGillicutty is able to hit Rey with a shoulder tackle. As Rey gets back to his feet, McGillicutty out of nowhere hits another huge shoulder tackle. As Rey sits up, Michael starts to run the ropes. Rey is able to make him leapfrog over him three times before Rey moves out of the way, causing Michael to run the ropes by himself. McGillicutty is furious that Rey tricked him, and pushes him, which is answered by a kick to the leg by Rey. Michael hits Rey with a big knee, and tosses him outside of the ring face first. Rey is able to jump up from this and begins to do jumping jacks while McGillicutty has his back turned. Michael turns around to see Rey standing on the mat outside, and goes for a baseball slide, but Rey is able to jump back into the ring and does more jumping jacks. As McGillicutty gets on the apron, Rey hits a baseball slide of his own to Michael’s leg, which cases him to faceplant into the ring edge. Rey then steps out to the apron and hits McGillicutty with a seated senton to the outside!


Before we go back to action, Dolph Ziggler grants us with a “Don’t Try This” spot.

We come back with Rey, the WWE Universe, and Santino chanting 619. Rey has McGillicutty in the scorner, and hits him with a couple shoulders into the gut before whipping him into the opposite corner. Rey goes for a splash, but Michael is able to move out of the way. Michael then hits Rey with a few shoulders in the corner, and then, as Re hits the canvas, gets him into a belly to back bear hug. Rey is able to make it to his feet, and stomps on Michael’s feet to get out of the move. Rey goes off the ropes to hit something, but instead walks into a big sidewalk slam. McGillicutty goes for a pin, but only gets two. He decides to yell at the crowd as he picks Rey up for another sidewalk slam. Covers for the pin, but only gets two, so Michael locks in a regular bear hug. Rey tries to fight out of it, but Michael rams his back into the corner, and sets him up on the top rope. He pats Rey’s head again, but Rey kicks McGillicutty away and then hits him with a huge senton in the middle of the ring. As McGillicutty gets back up, ey hits the ropes and executes a beautiful head scissors. McGillicutty gets up, and Rey goes for an irish whip into the corner, but Michael is able to reverse it. He goes for a splash, but Rey is quick to move out of the way. Rey begins to climb the turnbuckle, but McGillicutty gets under Rey, and looks to set up for an electric chair drop. However, Rey slides off his back and rolls up McGillicutty for a two count. In turn, McGillicutty goes for a roll up, but only gets a two count as well. McGillicutty picks up Rey and knees him. He looks as if he is going to hits something, but runs into a baseball slide from Rey, which set ups for a 619. However, McGillicutty has it scouted and mule kicks Rey as he is about to hit the move. This is answered by a hard kick to the leg of McGillicutty, and it seems Rey has got Michael sitting in the ropes. Rey uses this as a way to connect the 619, kicking McGillicutty in the rear. Rey goes ahead and Drops The Dime for the win!

WINNER – Rey Mysterio


Before we go into the show, we are presented with a B.A.STAR promo.

Scott Stamford welcomes us back to Slam, and is reminded that Daniel Bryan is on the hot seat as we ask some burning questions. We will look at two of wrestling’s most interesting characters in WWE who have had huge help from sock puppets! Bet you can’t guess ’em! … Alright, we know who they are, and one is in the Saturday Morning Spotlight! Be prepared and look out for The Cobra, cause Santino is powerwalking to the Spotlight!


We are given bits and piece of Santino’s greatest promos. We are even reintroduced to Pasquale and Francesco, Santino’s “Two Roman Soldiers”. Of course, we get plenty of shots of The Cobra, including Cobra training with those red plastic cups.

After another short Spotlight, Scott mentions it’s politic season outside of WWE, and everyone is getting in on the action, even in the WWE Universe. Here are many colorful talents in WWE with a wide range of attitudes and opinions. Naturally, some are just more iplomatic than others, and the one man who shows this more is the NO man himself, Daniel Bryan. So, let’s asking him some “burning” questions right now! We learn that Daniel Bryan is not dreaming of hamburgers, that he doesn’t make any mistakes, and that he wins every match, even if he loses. He thinks unicorns are the stupidest fictional creature, video games are for idiots, and magic is fictional, as he is a man of science! He does like ice cream however, especially if it is made with almond milk, and does not need a tag team partner, as he can do it all by himself. And he seems to explode into a chorus of “NO!” if you ask him if he likes goats.

We are then graced with the greatest clip to ever come from the WWE, as Kane and Daniel Bryan hug it out! Anything truly is possible in the WWE!


The Video Vault seems to be open, and Mick Foley wants us all to remember a special time. What time is that? The night that Mr. Socko was born! We only get a few clips of Socko’s grand debut, but it’s still awesome to see the night that a sock was able to revolutionize the industry 14 years ago!

Ok, so there is a debate going on right now. No, it’s not that one with those two old guys, hough one does have a few years on him. No, I mean the most important question of them all: Who would win, Socko or Cobra? Well, The 3rd Degree is a great place to settle debates, so let’s finish this battle!

THE 3RD DEGREE – Socko or The Cobra?

The Miz – Socko
Alicia Fox – Cobra
Dolph Ziggler – Socko
R-Truth – Toss Up
Mick Foley – Socko, and calls The Cobra make believe
Santino – Cobra, and says Socko is not scary

Ok then… Next week, we look behind the music. No, E! isn’t doing a spot on SatMor SLAM! We look into the creation of the themes for some of the greatest superstars around, and meet the ORIGINAL One Man Rock Band!

Before we go, Santino has paid for some time. He wants to call the battle between Socko nd Cobra a draw for now. He wants to thank everyone for watching this Santino sized Saturday Morning Slam, and hopes that everyone has a “Saturday Morning Slamming Day”. He also wants us to remember ne thing… COBRA!!!


This show actually picked up from the past two weeks! I had lots of fun!

Rey Mysterio is an awesome wrestler, and I enjoy watching him on TV. This was maybe the best match they have put on SatMor SLAM! And that’s saying something, because McGillabudahwas in the match. Very great chemistry, and a great match!

Ok, this week’s Spotlight made a little more sense. Though I wish we could have gotten some more action clips of Santino, what we got was Santino “The Character”, and that’s why we watch Santino.

Daniel Bryan is hilarious on these promos, and I enjoy it. I am one of those guys who never watched Bryan in ROH or the indies, but I had heard great thing about him. This new character they have given him is just so hilarious to watch. And the fact they asked him the stupidest questions anyone could think of was just like the whip cream on top the sundae. Obviously a sundae with almond milk ice cream… I’m sorry, I don’t know how I feel about “healthy” ice cream.
Socko wins, hands down. I figure WWE would give Socko the push more than Cobra, just because Socko is a future WWE Hall Of Famer. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was inducted in New Jersey this year, with Mick Foley obviously inducting him! (Could you sense the kayfabe in that last little bit, because I meant it…)

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to find a Rapidash in Pokemon Black and name it Twil. Spark. and get ready for Pokemon Black and White 2 tomorrow (if you couldn’t get the reference, it’s Twilight Sparkle. Am I going to have to educate you people on Ponyville history?) Until next week everypony!

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