Andrew Elder sent this in.

Was at Smackdown tapings last night. The attendance was pretty poor, the upper deck was completely blacked off. I say at the most 5,000-7,000 in attendance (could be lower) and Fedex Forum can seat up 22,000 for events depending on the event. Way more people at Raw earlier this year.

Johnny Curtis has a new gimmick. He was introduced as “The World’s Greatest Ballroom Dancer.” Khali was back as y’all mentioned. Orton messed up on that DDT off the ropes move with Miz. On the 1st attempt Miz’s legs fell off the rope, they had to redo it, right away and Orton was grinning about it and even yelled “Ok 1 more time.”

Lilian had trouble with her lines during the Susan G. Komen segment, seemed like she was trying to remember everything she was supposed to say. Only other mess up was when Rhodes Scholars came out, the trivia thing interrupted there entrance and they had to wait.

The King looked good, was great to see Jerry, voice sounds better even he said it still was scratchy. Only little thing I noticed it seemed that he needed to collect his thoughts, hopefully it’s something that will get better and will be nice to see him back in the E.

Overall a pretty good show but very low attendance.