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Couple of WWE-Sky updates you might be interested in

I just received the latest Weekly Amendments regarding Sky Sports and there are some interesting news WWE related:

The new deal between WWE and Sky seems to be finalized because the programs are into January’s schedule.

Furthermore, WWE Superstars will start airing on Sky Sports Saturday December 12th at 10pm on Sky Sports 3. It still is AFTER SmackDown’s first airing but it’s no real biggie most of the time. That could always change though.

Another new addition to Sky’s WWE schedule is “This week in WWE”, which airs on Eurosport in mainland Europe. First airing January 3rd at 7.30am on Sky Sports 3.

All the rest of the programs seem confirmed at the actual airing times, from Raw live to ECW to Vintage Collection and so on.

EDIT: Correction regarding Superstars: First airing on SKY 1 Friday December 11th at 5 pm, then same thing for the following episode December 18th, so we might see a pattern

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