10/19 WWE Results: Trenton, New Jersey

Nicholas Cannella sent this report in.

– Justin Roberts kicked off the show by introducing Raw General Manager A.J Lee. A.J was about to speak to the audience but was interrupted by CM Punk and Paul Heyman. Punk talked about how he was going to tell us good news and bad news. Punk told A.J that she is the worst GM ever and that no woman like her should be in control. Punk told the crowd the good news is that John Cena is not here tonight due to himself injuring Cena’s elbow at Night Of Champions. The bad news is that he isn’t dressed so he doesn’t have to wrestle tonight. Punk stated that himself and Heyman are from real big time cites, Chicago and New York City unlike Trenton not being a real city. A.J responded by telling Punk that he will defend his WWE Title against Ryback in a Lumberjack Match tonight or his Title will be stripped! A.J skipped around then left and infuriated Punk w/ Heyman stood in the ring and eventually left.

(1) Santino Marella defeated Tensai after hitting the Cobra. The crowd was really behind Santino throughout the match.

(2) WWE Divas Champion Eve defeated Layla with the Heart Breaker.

(3) Michael Mcgillicutty defeated David Otunga with the Mcgillicutter.

(4) Brodus Clay (w/ The Funkadactyls) defeated Jack Swagger when Brodus hit the headbutt and Splash. Afterwards Brodus brought somes kids in the ring to dance.

– Justin Roberts announced that the fans get to vote via text if they want Paul Heyman ringside for the Main Event. Text 1 for Yes and 2 for No.

(5) Damien Sandow defeated JTG with the Cross Arm Neckbreaker.

– Daniel Bryan and Kane cut a promo on the video screen. Bryan told the crowd on why “I’AAAMMM the Tag Team Champions”! Kane interrupted and said “I’AAAMMM the Tag Team Champions! Bryan and Kane both argued back and fourth “ME ME ME” ending with Bryan saying “MEEEEEEEEEEE ME”! Both Bryan and Kane made their way out to the ring and each time Bryan raised his belt the fans booed and chanted “NO”! When Kane raised his belt they chanted “YES”!

(6) WWE Tag Team Champions TEAM HELL NO defeated Primo & Epico when Kane Choke Slammed Epico but Bryan drop kicked Kane out of the Ring and applied the NO! Lock on Epico for the win. Afterwards Kane and Bryan argued “I’m the Tag Team Champions” back and fourth. Eventually they hugged it out and both raised their Titles celebrating but Bryan stole Kane’s belt and ran away with Kane chasing him to the back. Lots of YES! chants throughout this one.

(7) WWE U.S Champion Antonio Cesaro defeated Sin Cara with The Neutralizer.

– WWE Champion CM Punk w/ Paul Heyman came out to the ring. A.J then announced that the votes are in and Heyman has to leave ringside since the fans voted for him not to be there for the Main Event and Heyman was infuriated but left. The Lumberjacks made their way out and they were all the wrestlers on tonight’s card except Bryan and Kane. This brought out Ryback to a big pop. Right before the match Punk teased the fans about throwing his shirt into the crowd but threw it at Cesaro to wear instead during the match.

(8) Ryback defeated WWE Champion CM Punk via DQ in a Lumberjack Match when Punk hit Ryback with the Title Belt. Afterwards the Lumberjacks fought each other off to the back. Then Punk left the ring and got on the mic and said “Still your reigning and defending Undisputed WWE Champion The Best in the World”! Then Bryan and Kane came out and threw Punk back into the ring to get Shell Shocked from Ryback to send the crowd home happy and to “Feed Me More” chants. Ryback got on the mic and told the crowd “At Hell In A Cell I will bring the Championship home to Ryback”!

– The Sun National Bank Center was full with a very hot crowd all night. It was scheduled earlier in the week to be Punk vs Ryback in a Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Title but A.J change it to a Lumberjack Match instead.

Biggest Pops: Ryback
Punk (some pops)

Biggest Heat: Sandow
Heyman (Fans were happy when he was sent to the back as they voted him not to be ringside for the Main Event)
Bryan ( when he raised his Title at Kane saying “I’M The Tag Team Champions!”)